The European Central Bank unexpectedly by the British economic recovery refers to halt the troops an invictus gaming

The European Central Bank unexpectedly "by the British economic recovery refers to halt the troops and wait" back in Europe – Beijing suppressed news agency in Berlin on 8 September, (reporter Peng Dawei) beyond the market had widely expected, the European Central Bank held 8 of the latest meeting decided to maintain the euro zone’s current zero interest rates do not change. European Central Bank President Delagi pointed out that the economic recovery in the euro area is expected to suppress the British will be back in Europe referendum leads to uncertainty and the weak external demand and other factors. Major European stock index fell on the same day. At the meeting held the day after the news conference, Delagi on behalf of the European Central Bank Committee announced that the ECB will decide the three euro zone continues to maintain the benchmark interest rate in March this year after the rate cut is level, namely: the main refinancing rate to 0%, the overnight lending rate is 0.25%, the deposit rate is -0.40%. The European Central Bank in March 10th this year after the meeting of interest rates will be lowered to the current level of the three benchmark interest rates. This is the history of the European Central Bank since its exercise of the central bank’s duty to implement the lowest level of interest rates. The economic recovery in the euro area is expected to be inhibited by weak external demand, which is partly caused by the uncertainty brought by the British retreat European referendum results." Delagi said the ECB CMC expects the euro zone interest rates will continue to run in the current low in the next period of time, even lower, "until the existing asset purchases (QE) plans to end". Delagi further said that the current implementation of the monthly scale of 80 billion euros of asset purchase plan will continue to be implemented in accordance with the original plan to the end of 2017, the end of 3. If the level of inflation has not yet entered a sufficient to meet the ECB’s expectations of the uplink channel, do not rule out the withdrawal of quantitative easing policy. By the European Central Bank cut interest rates are expected to fall, the main European stock index fell 8 day. Germany’s DAX index fell 0.72%, the French CAC40 index fell 0.34%, the pan European Storck 600 index fell 1.17 points. The European Central Bank is headquartered in Frankfurt in Germany, the euro zone is changing and the monetary policy agency. (end)相关的主题文章: