The Double Ninth Festival Xiamen start 000 elderly mountaineering week more than 30 thousand

The Double Ninth Festival Xiamen start 000 elderly mountaineering week "  more than 30 thousand people attended the Fujian channel October 9 Xiamen Xinhua (Xu Lin) 9 is the Double Ninth Festival," 2016 Xiamen City respecting million people Climbing Festival week "launching ceremony was held in the morning of Tongan Brahma temple square. The ceremony was presided over by the old Xiamen City Association executive vice chairman Shao Hua, deputy secretary, mayor Wang Xuemin on behalf of the Tongan welcome, old Xiamen City Sports Association chairman Huang Jiecheng delivered a speech of ebullience, vice mayor of Xiamen municipal government Lujiang announced at the launch ceremony started climbing week. Xiamen City, the old sports association chairman Huang Jiecheng said that the festival organization elderly mountaineering long-standing in the city of Xiamen, has been thirty years of history. In Xiamen municipal government and the community’s concern and support, the scale and scope of activities continue to expand. The number of activities of ten thousand people from the beginning to today’s more than 30 thousand people, the venue is extended from botanical park to the city of mountain park. It can be said that mountaineering activities for the elderly to carry out sports activities to promote the national fitness has played a very good role in promoting and demonstration, becoming a positive aging, healthy aging, a powerful promoter of the aging of happiness. Chongyang climbing, green fitness, has become a beautiful Xiamen together to create a beautiful scenery line. The event organized by the Xiamen Municipal Sports Bureau, Xiamen Sports Association for the elderly, Tong’an District Sports Bureau, the Old District Association contractors. The week ceremony received strong support from the Tongan District government, District Sports Bureau, the old Association has done a lot of work, the elderly in urban and rural areas to actively participate in the activities of the safe and orderly conduct. Share to: (commissioning editor: Yao Luying, Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: