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The children make mistakes, do better, parents must love! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources | picture | family education | tasting parent-child manual children not obedient, make yourself upset loud roar of children, so do not actually make their children more education not angry, "not knowing the true education The loss outweighs the gain.,…… the next aunt began again:" you cannot place don’t run around? The room is you get to like to knock the doghouse, fell away from me! It’s so good to forget the pain!" I do not really listen to it to persuade: "aunt you down, how can a child so scold, have influence on the mental health of children." Aunt replied: "I was his real mother, do you think I want to scold him? I scold him is also concerned about him, but also for his good! You see he Xipixiaolian, a bit afraid of my ears, like not long, not she will not listen to roar." After all, children sometimes do so much fried, do not shout a few children psychological Biede hard! But the "roar education" results are not ideal, some children more roar more naughty and even learned to talk with parents of some children, roar; more and more parents are at a timid, self-esteem, have no confidence, yes. If you are also a parent who is often used to yell at the school and is so upset, it is necessary for you to make a small change! Softly from good education, 1 ease your anger – – – anger you angry mood like a fire, and your voice is like the wind, the wind is the more prosperous, more is yelling, the mood is bad; but if you try to endure anger down. With their children’s speech, you will find that you will become a little calm, rational, at least not make you more angry. 2 give children more trust and respect – – – there are psychologists say, your tone will tell you to convey to the trust of others, is inversely proportional to the! In other words, when you yell at the child, the child feels that you do not trust him; when you speak softly, the child can feel your trust! The fact is so magical, for example: when the kids hand ready to throw a banana peel, you shout "don’t throw on the ground!" at this time, actually you are the default child will throw on the ground in the heart; if you are serious, softly saying "baby, put the trash!" when you are the default children will be placed in the trash. The key is that you convey the tone of the trust or distrust, the child can feel. 3 reduce the child of your fear, the conflict – – when a child makes a mistake, you angrily yell, the result is nothing but two: your child is frightened, full of fear, in no mood to think about why wrong, only hope that you will end your child was enraged to reprimand;, yelling back at you, don’t consider what was wrong, only thinking about how to draw against you相关的主题文章: