The beach bar airport duty-free shops, domestic car – like Maldives automobile Sohu misao

The beach bar airport duty-free shops, before domestic car like Maldives – Sohu car did not come to Guangzhou, the deer sister has never experienced a typhoon, seen only in the picture on the TV A violent wind is howling. Wait until after the typhoon in Guangzhou, then the house in the home, this is probably done editing privileges: as long as there is a computer and network, where can work. "Hippocampus" when the typhoon comes, I always stay at home. At night the rain is pouring down, open a small window at the diffuse in wind, blowing the curtains and screens rustle. The room with light yellow color lamp, is warm and quiet. I was alone, there is no "world famous Great Jubilee" sorrow, no "rain Qiaochuang was not warm" depressed, slightly worried that after the smooth sailing aircraft arrived in Haikou. "Hippocampus" typhoon invaded Hongkong picture of my trip to Haikou, is to participate in the hippocampus of the test drive, because if the "hippocampus" delayed the trip, I really do not know what to say. Fortunately, the second day third days the weather is getting better, the plane arrived on time. Out of the terminal, for me is the hippocampus Familia 7 seat version, then feel warmth in my heart. Remember to play with my colleagues before the child, the typhoon came, how to write a draft hippocampus? Colleagues helpless, can not always resist the people across the country, the hippocampus bar. But apparently missed a colleague, "hippocampus" typhoon is terrible, but it goes after the people can be gradually restored to its former lively, classic models like Fu Mei hippocampus car to name the general, after the wind and rain more beautiful and happy; I saw this picture in the Boao sea, it is time to test drive what. More than 7 points in the morning, we drove out in just fifteen minutes, he was not. This is not because the people of Haikou, but the Central Hainan international cycling events held here, the traffic police blocked the road ahead. It is said that the event has been held for 11 years, from the beginning of the small scale into the current Asia’s top cycling race. The deer sister never care about sports, nature is also the first to know the seahorse automobile has sponsored race around the island for 10 years, it can be a key. In addition to road bike with every kind of handsome, is in the car, Familia, car seat, seven version of S7 in hippocampus fumei…… And this landscape may also look at ten years. Peer media and staff to actively participate in "honor riding, Binhai Road, the scenery is very beautiful, but I was so sleepy, just stay in the car, the fumeilai 7 seat version third seat down, smoothly lay down. I want the second row seat is down, it is not difficult, I like this hand and unscrew the cap force of the girl, can also fix. I am afraid of trouble to take into account the space is enough and the elegance, there is no study of the uncle’s casual. At the beginning of the Familia 1.5T manual, Zhijue will learn to coach for many years. Finally mastered the clutch, began to worry that the shift is probably a new car, shift slightly jerky, but fortunately the dashboard has gear reminder, much less trouble. Another need to pay attention to is the electronic parking, the whole system standard.相关的主题文章: