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The 70 year old and 27 year old woman fell in love " " money hollowed out anger – Beijing brandished a knife rack neck notebook full of old man and woman SMS Chat because of an accidental phone marketing phone, 70 year old resident Zhang Daye (a pseudonym) made Shenyang a collection of company staff xiaoying. The 27 year old has been ambiguous and Zhang Xiaoying touch in repeatedly proposed to buy the small collection of complete performance, not wealthy uncle Zhang are to meet their needs. In fact, this so-called love is just a scam. Uncle Zhang is very sorry, I have the courage to say this unbearable experience today, do not want to say anything, just want to alarm for other elderly people." Sell the phone fell off a shadow sister in March 9th this year, Zhang uncle received a strange call. A sweet voice of the woman said, she is a Shenyang collectibles company staff, the company is to engage in activities, as long as the company can receive a free badge. In the afternoon, Zhang uncle came to Taiyuan Street Wanda Plaza near the collection company. A young girl gave Uncle Zhang a badge, and told him that the company is now selling space money, hope to Uncle Zhang and her chat. Uncle Zhang recalls the first sight of small mood. "She is very white, but also very thin, and I was in the secondary school when the first love is exactly the same. When I saw her, I was in a trance, as if I had returned to my first love." Uncle Zhang said, when the time to sit down and have a small talk, he almost did not want to agree. Uncle Zhang Xiaoying and chatted to tell Uncle Zhang, her home in Beijing, parents are separated, she went to work in Shenyang, I don’t have a family, no boyfriend, very lonely. Uncle Zhang felt pity, and that in the future if there are difficulties Xiaoying can find him. Love said, their company is selling a new space note with appreciation potential. 10 hundred dollar value space bills, plus 10 Sochi Olympics commemorative banknotes, a total of 2000 yuan. Uncle Zhang immediately bought a set. Another 7 year old heart love affair pay, will be sent to the elevator Uncle Zhang Xiaoying, and repeatedly told him to pay attention to the body, this let Uncle Zhang feel very warm. A week later, Uncle Zhang Xiaoying once again to make a phone call, said the company has launched a new product, let Uncle Zhang have time to sit in the company. Uncle Zhang to the company, find a small quiet corner to chat with uncle zhang. Two more say more speculation, and even some private Xiaoying take the initiative to talk about this topic, let Uncle Zhang feel closer relationship with xiaoying. After returning home, Uncle Zhang is still full of excitement., mind is full of small smile. When Miss Zhang Xiaoying, SMS in second days to come. "How are you doing recently? Body good? When the weather changes, must be well. Read you." "Shadow, text messages received, see ‘read you’ words, I can not say, I really miss you, but I do not know whether to go to your unit, there are other ways to see you. Really miss you." Photo相关的主题文章: