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Taking a walk can make money! With Losangeles to earn $7 per mile for normal walking with posters except Paris Losangeles division, may be another place together with a large number of artists. The creativity of these people can be surprising! A young actor urgently needs a second occupation to pay his bills, but he chose the way it is astounding "with (the People Walker) for teachers". As the name suggests, is to accompany the people walk with normal walking, creative mainly from the "dog walkers"! The man named Chuck · Mccarthy, as a young actor, work is not stable, income is not much, for the payment of the snowflake bill, he desperately needed another job. Initially, chuck is considered when the dog walkers to earn some extra money, but he soon realized that the job than take the dog for a walk is much more complicated. "I don’t want to pick up dog feces, and that is indeed the dog walkers do." He said. But Chuck is also aware of, and holding the dog walk, in Losangeles this place to make money or the choice to accompany people walking — of course, after all, people go out when shopping is not usually defecation. It sounds like a joke, but when he called himself the "walk with teacher", chuck of the new work is very serious. The main content of his work is to accompany clients to take a walk in Losangeles, listen to their problems or just a simple chat. This service per mile (about 1.61km) the fee is $7, mainly because he can provide a sense of security, after all, for you, is 6 feet tall and 2 feet (about 1.88m), with an athletic physique and a big bushy beard chuck, seems to be that you don’t want to provoke the type. Chuck has his hair leaflets over every corner of Losangeles. According to the leaflets said, his target service to people who need some incentive to go out for a walk, those people will walk alone in some neighborhood feel insecure and those who think they have no friends for fear of being see people walking alone. "I’ll be the first to accompany the new customers walk, according to the requirements in my walk with normal T-shirt, so they can be sure that I was 100%." Chuck said. However, he admitted that some people feel a little uncomfortable with this clause, because they do not necessarily want everyone to know that they are walking, or is someone to accompany their own walk. Believe it or not, chuck bold "venture" behavior has achieved incredible success. He has hired 5 other accompany for division, and the service area also covers all areas of Losangeles, like Losangeles, Hollywood, downtown Igor Roque, Las Feliz (Las Feliz) or Fairfax. He started advertising in the city, the phone rang endless, customers are also continuously. And because he has been in the news recently, this free publicity so that he almost submerged in customer demand. Although chuck always hope his career will soon rebound, but in the meantime, he also to work with the new happiness within walking division. After all, it’s really just a walk in the park相关的主题文章: