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Tactical review in the Iraq War: defensive performance stable Zhang Yuning effect Chinese team sports news source: Sina search data information of football after a stuffy war, Gao Jun failed to continue the Orangemen blessed Shenyang earlier in 9 official games unbeaten record, but sealed the opponent’s performance or will be extended to 10 games without conceding a goal record. The first round away defeat to South Korea after the outside questioned on Gao Hongbo from 5 defenders, the Gao Hongbo under pressure, and did not make substantial adjustments to the formation and the defense personnel collocation, Ren hang and Zhang Linpeng still appear in the starting lineup, with the midfield against South Korea when the bench play excellent Hao Junmin replaced Wu Xi the front, Zhang Yuning replaced the sun, and Wu Lei. Employers do not suspect Gao Hongbo, after the defense showed stable adjustment only the defense personnel after the field is replaced by Zhao Mingjian Zheng Zhi, who served as a right wing, and the position of Zhang Linpeng returned to his familiar right halfback, his body and headed the advantage on the display, repeatedly using the body successful positioning, forcing the other striker foul. The left renhang play for the two time when they scored the background of the emperor, although the game is still not back to his best, but from the renhang attitude adjustment to play stability has improved. Clean sheets results basically prove Gao Hongbo wrong defense after major changes is successful. Renhang left midfield steals Zhang Linpeng finished backcourt steals defensive line renhang and Zhang Linpeng back in addition to a certain state, two Guangzhou Hengda players Feng Xiaoting and Li Xuepeng continued the first robust play, and the biggest highlight is undoubtedly the starting right guard Zhao Mingjian. The first bench play remarkable in this field is to play him on both ends are excellent, and that he bit Amiri in seventy-first minutes because of physical reasons, being substituted. On offense, Zhao Mingjian frequently inserted with good breakthrough manufacturing opportunity, it is a sharp break before Zhao Mingjian manufacturing opportunity for Zhang Yuning, whose shot was blocked. In addition, Zhao Mingjian also has a strong hand in secret weapon skills, which is also the country opened up the foot surface can be used. After the game, he also got the spot MVP. Zhao Mingjian bottom after the break back Zhang Yuning Zhao Mingjian to foul ball throw into the box midfielder technical players sent, control force is still insufficient in midfield, Gao Hongbo has also made some adjustments to South Korea, came off the bench after the outstanding performance of Hao Junmin for Wu Xi, a start, he and Yu Hai, Huang Bowen midfield can be said the team is currently the most exquisite collocation technique. Although Cai Huikang and Zhang Xiaobin are in the list of two full-time defensive midfielder, but Gao Hongbo did not give two people in two games even one minute of playing time, but all the foot is more excellent, technology enabled functions more diversified players, even two games in midfield to replace the needle, so it is more. Beautiful using Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe players. Clearly understand high guidance against two enemies if you give up control of midfield completely, not only is not enough to strengthen the role of defensive midfielder, but in the pursuit of counter attack, missing.相关的主题文章: