Syria Coach the team is doing a good job is to attack the rational use of the rules-borderland

Syria Coach: the team did well to attack the ground is a reasonable use of the rules of the Syria coach oath before the game to take the three points of the Chinese team, 90 minutes to fight down, let the national fans disappointed. Last night, in the Shaanxi province stadium Chinese team field play no tricks, either the road or sidewalk did not create a decent attack, but also because of the failure of goalkeeper Gu super opponents scored a goal in the final 0 1 team lost to Syria. At this point, round finish, Chinese team 1 flat 2 negative have not won the championship, only 1 points, qualifying the situation is not optimistic. – players dilute zhe Zhang Xizhe for front core can create a miracle in the future to do so last night Guoan appear on the first, and a symbol of the core 10. But 90 minutes down, Zhang and his teammates did not expect to win. I want to win in the land, after throwing the ball mentality too anxious, can not it up, behind the 7 ball that can create a miracle." After Zhang Xizhe reluctantly said. When it comes to pre deployment, Zhang Xizhe said: "we all want to get three points, because in Syria than in the previous two opponents are weak, and we fought in the home court is blessed, certainly hope to be able to win. But in the second half we didn’t know enough, there was a mistake that led to the ball." For the Orangemen cause of poor performance, Zhang Xizhe considered "tension" caused by, "everyone in the mind more anxious, not completely down, can not put the ball freely pass down up. This did not create an absolute opportunity, the first two we have a number of opportunities. It may be that the opponent has targeted our defense, and we don’t play well enough. This requires us to make a good summary after the transformation". There are 7 games behind, how to play? Zhang said: "did not take three points very sorry, and now our situation is not very good, but there are still 7 games, hoping to create a miracle." – handsome on Gao Hongbo hudu child’s Gu Chao must win game, China team once again off the chain. After the game’s press conference, coach Gao Hongbo face is not good, he admitted that everyone’s desire to win is very strong, the Chinese team to forget this game as soon as possible, ready to fight back. For Gu Chao, he thought the keeper could not have made a mistake. Talking about the game, Gao Hongbo said: "we regret to have so many fans in case we lose the game, we all win such a strong desire, we grab with not very understanding of a failure to score, we are very grateful to the players desire to win, to tie the score in the backward situation of spirit state worthy of recognition." Why use goalkeeper Gu Chao, Gao Hongbo explained: "the experience of the perspective of the entire 12 strong matches are new, whether it is a little older goalkeeper, or young, they had never experienced 12 strong matches this game, there is no more experience and lack of. We chose the more from tactical considerations, including our own defence space and your opponent’s play." When a reporter asked how to evaluate the performance of Gu Chao, Gao Hongbo said: we think that the super super sensitive相关的主题文章: