Survey shows that 90% of college students want to work in Taiwan – beself

Survey shows that 90% of six students in Taiwan school to work – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taipei, September 30 (reporter Liu Gang Xu Xueyi) according to the latest survey of Taiwan 1111 human bank, up to 90% of the six college students surveyed after school work plan, similar to last year. The main reason is that the work is not enough to pay living expenses, accumulated workplace experience and increase pocket money, etc.. Survey shows that students interested in working, preference for the type of work in the top three were catering waiter, administrative assistant and tutor". The choice of work is based on the length of work time flexibility can be freely arranged, and the location close to home is the main. 50% three of the students said, will choose their knowledge, expertise and related work. At present, students have begun to work, the average hourly wage of 147 yuan (NT, the same below). The students want to work hours after school, about 8.8 hours a week, every month expect to earn $9227. Counted down, students expect the hourly wages of up to 260 yuan, and the market is far from real wages. 1111 human Bank Deputy General Manager Li Dahua pointed out that, according to the human bank database data show that in September the entire month of work part-time jobs, up to more than 9 pen, 5 years of substantial growth of 60%, the market showed an increased demand for human. Li Dahua analysis, learning to work has almost become a compulsory college life today. Different from the early high tuition fees forced students to learn to work in a self-sufficient pressure, the new generation of students to work not only to earn immediate benefits for the purpose of the relatively more assertive". Whether it is planning for the future career, paving, or work in expanding contacts and broaden their horizons, even in order to increase the entertainment expenses to improve the quality of life, enrich the school life will be not at all surprising. In order to understand the status and willingness of students engaged in training and tutoring, 1111 human banks "reform market survey, sampling survey was conducted from September 14th to September 26th, 1316 valid samples were.相关的主题文章: