Summer fun a journey to the west of America (Colorado)

Summer fun play – free style tour of the western United States (Colorado) mention the United States, you will first think of the bustling crossroads of the world "- New York Times square, colorful Yellowstone National Park, the magnificent, elegant warm hill, Broadway stars Avenue (as well as a love of basketball 18 the people are yearning for the NBA alliance)…… All of this is synonymous with the United states. Here is a free country full of infinite possibilities, but also to meet every one of her dreams and expectations of the tourists. As our country, the United States, different places have different charm, we choose outdoor travel as the focus of the trip to the United States, to explore the free, warm, rich and colorful of the western United states. Simple 10 days travel destination list for reference: Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs, Colorado) – Denver (Denver) – Orange County (Orange County)]. The first step is to travel tickets, the selected (United Airlines) is a United Airlines flight to Chicago, and from Chicago flights to Colorado Springs, the return is the direct flights from San Francisco to Beijing. The flight time is not much to say, one is almost 12 hours, because the United States is with us the basic circadian time difference, it is recommended that you start to work in accordance with the destination time adjustment on the plane, so as not to sleep when they need to play high…… The reason is a choice of United Airlines and Air China because it is a member of the Star Alliance, many members can accumulate mileage, in United’s Economy Plus super economy relatively high quality and inexpensive, in the United States in turn also more convenient. United Airlines Flights a day starting from Shanghai, Beijing, New York, San Francisco to Chicago, Losangeles (Hangzhou – San Francisco, the first flight on July) convenient flights to all parts of the United states. In addition, the United States airports United Club will provide VIP lounge, waiting for the plane when you can drink a cup of coffee, eat some fruit or a good experience. A lot of things only seeing is believing will be profound, many times "heard" things and the reality is a big gap, such as the United States, really come here to appreciate the profound and rich cultural freedom in this country style, like a local people like to live is always I hope to travel true, into their lives will have a different taste, this trip is mainly to outdoor experience, while the "play" and "playing a fun" this thing, really admire the "old lady", the people of the United States is indeed "the city will play". First stop: Colorado Springs Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs) in the US state of Colorado’s second largest and forty-ninth largest city in the United States, is also the capital of Eyre Paso county. She founded in 1871, from the resort town turned a quaint Vitoria type a!相关的主题文章: