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Do not burn as lively warm story how big investment after unlisted plates stop burn – reporter Lu Xiao Beijing reported that the United States is still in the conference, but the music as an eventful year has come. In the share price diving traced to 13, mobile phone payment arrears of supply chain and the fuse to make music as the founder and chairman Jia Yueting LETV holding the first time foreign circles admit there is a problem as the capital chain, development mode and the music began to reflect on the running of the blind. Jia Yueting announced at the November 9th meeting of investors, in the future he will put more energy into listed companies, listed companies in order to achieve a comprehensive profit in 2017. And this is obviously not an easy task. The bad news is always followed an eventful year. November 10th, LETV announcement, announced that LETV and its actual controller, including the major shareholders are now, Dong Jian and senior staff are independent of the former Secretary of the board of directors of the insurance bureau, the case has nothing to do with Li Liang. And this is just one of the negative rumors as the music has been involved in recent days. Earlier in November 8th, LETV announcement, announced the operation of all the normal line of the business are suppliers and maintain a good relationship of cooperation, does not appear so-called arrears to suppliers, no delayed wages, stopped shipments to raise cash flow situation. And on the same day, LETV also announced that it is expected to be announced in July this year, the price of 45.01 yuan per share of the $4 billion 800 million increase can not be completed in 2016. LETV also announced that the company will renegotiate the transaction price of the transaction with the other side of the transaction, does not exclude the possibility of the existence of lower transaction prices. The reason for the transaction price may fall due to LETV shares continued to experience a crash. As of press time reporter, LETV closing price of 38.38 yuan shares, has been lower than the fixed price increase of nearly 15%. And this year after the resumption of the highest price of 60.98 yuan shares, the market value has shrunk by nearly 40%. And is more concerned about the outside world, is the first time Jia Yueting exactly admitted in an open letter in November 6th, as the capital chain problems, "food supply is not timely, stamina has obvious weakness." And after the release of the internal letter Jia Yueting, there are music as internal staff also told the China Times reporter, the company is now on the project budget control more stringent. Jia Yueting said, on the one hand, as the car early investment is huge, one after another spent about 10000000000 of its own funds, directly led to his lack of financial support for other music as the other business. On the other hand, as the music’s ability to finance is not strong, a single way, unreasonable capital structure, external financing difficult to meet the rapid expansion of the capital needs. Mobile phone supply chain crisis looks from the recent start fermentation of supply chain is an eventful year suffered LETV arrears rumors "fuse". November 2nd, although the music as a high-profile financial debut, but the music as the stock price fell 7.49%. The stock market fell immediately with the day out of the music, as the supplier of about ten billion rumors of rumors linked. The arrears also caused a new wave of war between music and millet. And with?相关的主题文章: