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Spinach bean toast – add vegetables more nutritious food and drink – Sohu in these 2 days is southern temperatures. The original sunny moment become gray. The sun is so cold to sleep. I’m really weak in the morning. How to wake up bleary eyed son, let him happy to eat breakfast and go to school. Of course, when the mother BianZhaoFa son to take care of the senior high school students. Wit I, recently a large number of listed market spinach, with vegetable juice instead of pigment, homemade hummus also, give the child a better health, and of course colors in the morning, when the children saw the mother prepared breakfast, I believe his mood will become a happy moment. Well, let me share this seductive toast is how to do it. Small complaining: in fact do bread before I think spinach in addition to eat fried dumplings or do what, never think can make bread, really. Since a spinach cake, let me send a get out of hand, you can try it. Spinach cooked after soft and smooth and easy to digest, especially suitable for the old, young, sick, weak consumption. Computer worker, beauty of the people should eat spinach; diabetes (especially type II diabetes) often eat spinach helps to keep blood sugar levels stable; at the same time, spinach is suitable for high blood pressure, constipation, anemia, scurvy patient, rough skin, allergic material: high gluten flour 290 grams, egg 55 grams 90 grams of spinach juice 40 grams of milk butter 26 grams of sugar 25 grams of butter 15 grams 3 grams of salt 3 grams of yeast fillings: homemade bean appropriate practices: 1, in addition to butter, all materials in accordance with the first order after the liquid powder into the bread barrel 2, and surface function time is automatic for about 33 minutes in a 3, and the surface relaxation after about 18 minutes left in the butter and continue to stir till the end of time (I’m really super mute, is basically a silent operation, left) 4, then select the fermentation The function of time, about 60 minutes until the dough to more than 2 times (with your fingers inserted in the pit on the flour dough did not immediately bounce said it) 5, remove the exhaust roll into a rectangle in 6, homogeneous surface with bean paste (be careful not to wipe the edge), then 7 to 8 fold seventy percent off turn over, continue to roll into the oval cut into 3 pieces (not cut to top connected) 9, braids like 10, plastic dough into the bread machine again fermentation function 11, about 40 minutes to about two times 12, then choose the function of baking time is set to 40 minutes remove and cool end tips: 1, you can eat spinach juice to blanch after adding a little water with food machine into juice, or raw leaves with oxalic acid 2, adverse health I use the green cypress PE9600WT bread dough, baking the bread machine is poor, so please add flour or water as appropriate相关的主题文章: