SONY also released a double Ruo Yi prodigal new, this is the PS4 pro- science and technology Sohu popkart

SONY also released a double Ruo Yi prodigal new, this is the PS4 Pro- Sohu " technology; garbage company, ruining my youth, but my spirit, I waste money. " electronic ink screen watch FES U Watch, the flagship phone XPERIA XZ, the flagship Walkman player NW-WM1Z…… Don’t remember the last week, SONY released a number of new people xinzui. This does not, it in the early morning of August 8th and released a game console PlayStation 4 Pro (hereinafter referred to as PS4 Pro). PS4 Pro the original code named "NEO", with a faster processor than the current PS4, GPU upgrade, equipped with a 1TB hard drive, support for 4K HDR streaming media player functions, while providing 60fps and 1080p graphics game, will be on sale in November 10th, priced at $399. The conference also confirmed the existence of PS4 Slim. The new slim version in appearance and before the network crazy pass shape, using compact sandwich design, basic performance specifications and cash PS4 remains the same. The price of $299, is expected in September 15th on sale. This is probably a good opportunity for major businesses to clean up inventory PS4. To be honest, I’m more interested in the game’s SONY conference than the apple conference that night. SONY in the field of demonstration PS4 Pro run part of the 4K game screen, such as spider man, but unfortunately the live screen transcription is bound to produce picture loss, can not restore the real scene of the real. SONY also unveiled a "watchdog", "mass effect", "Horizon", recently for the latest notice, people feast for the eyes. I had also analyzed, the reason why SONY to launch PS4 Pro, on the one hand is to satisfy those who wish to enjoy high-definition game player faithful demand in 4K screen, a better game experience for it; on the other hand is to attract those of 4K streaming media content of interest to consumers; then there is PS VR in the future the hardware update ready. "PS4 Pro doesn’t want to blur the meaning of the host generation," said PS4, chief designer of Cerny. "Instead, it’s about taking the PS4 gaming experience to a higher level," says Mark." In addition to enhance the game’s color picture, PS4 Pro can also enhance the sharpness of picture frames, and other parameters to achieve better VR experience. At the same time, Netflix and Youtube were announced for the PS4 Pro to create exclusive host application, in order to provide quality 4K HDR sources. SONY interactive entertainment CEO, PlayStation head Andrew Moorhouse in June this year to the note?相关的主题文章: