Skin Cancer And

Cancer Skin cancer occurs when skin cells are damaged, for example, by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Between 95 and 99% of skin cancers in Australia are caused by exposure to the sun. Types of skin cancer: 1) melanoma the most dangerous form of skin cancer 2) non-melanoma skin cancer. a) basal cell carcinoma b) squamous cell carcinoma Skin cancer .es in two forms, melanomas and non-melanomas. Melanomas usually account for only four percent of diagnosed skin cancers, but they are considered to be the most deadly. There are four stages of melanoma that classify the severity of this skin cancer. Each stage pertains to the thickness and the amount that the melanoma has spread. When the stage of melanoma has been diagnosed, it is then possible for the doctors to determine the best type of treatment. In this article, we will discuss what the different stages of melanoma signify. Stage 1 of melanoma is thin and the epidermis usually appears scraped. This stage of skin cancer is subdivided into two other categories. These additional categories describe the thickness of the tumor. Stage 1a is less than 1.0 mm and has no ulceration. Stage 1b is less than 1.0 mm but has ulceration. It is also considered to be in stage 1b if it is 1.01 2.0 mm even if it does not involve ulceration. Ultra violet radiation emanating from the sun accounts for the majority of skin cancer. It is therefore one of the leading causes of skin cancer. UV rays, the other name for ultra violet radiation are said to .e from the sun. The suns energy is made up of two .ponents which are the visible and invisible rays. Skin cancer prevention is preached by medical professionals all over the United States. This is no surprise given that the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation reported more than one million Americans were diagnosed with some form of skin cancer in 2005. Preventing skin cancer is often associated with older generations, but today you see more teenagers and young adults spending excessive amounts of time in the sun. Without the proper protection, our society could see a surge in skin cancer diagnosis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: