Sir Hn Reliance Foundation Hospital Saves 2-month Old Baby Suffering From Frequent And Silent Heart

Business A two-month-old baby girl was successfully operated upon at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Center in Mumbai. Aditis Initial Condition The girl named, Aditi Gilbilewas suffering from frequent and silent heart attacks. These attacks were harming her heart muscles. Doctors at the Sir HN Reliance Foundation said that the baby was constantly crying, panting, and feeding poorly when she was brought to the hospital. A statement from the hospital said, Doctors conducting an echocardiography on her found an abnormal artery origin which was turning away a majority of the blood supply from the heart, and was reversing the blood flow away from the heart as well. Her artery could not pump the blood. Because of this defect since birth, the baby was suffering from multiple heart attacks. She has suffered around 20 heart attacks, which were making her heart weaker. In healthy people, the pumping rate is around 55% 65% while Aditis pumping rate was reduced to 15%. When Aditi was 10-days old, her parents suspected something wrong. Her parents took her from Barshi to Pune to a child specialist,Dr.Chandrakant More. He said that the girl was suffering from Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from Pulmonary Artery (ALCAPA). Her artery was taking impure blood to the lungs. For a normal baby, the pressure in the lungs normal within a week of birth. But it was not so in Aditis case. The girl was getting very less amount of pure blood in her heart, which let to the silent attacks damaging the muscles in the heart. Aditis defect was a rare condition, which may be often easily missed by doctors. The success rate in such cases is just 10%. Her mother, Preeti quickly picked up the signs. The parents later took her to Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital, due to which she was saved. Aditis Treatment Dr.Shivaprakashand his team at the hospital conducted some tests and confirmed that the baby was suffering from ALCAPA. He is the Chief Surgeon and Head of Paediatric Heart Center at the hospital. The doctorsoperated her on 22nd February. It took 9 hours to .plete the surgery. The doctors disconnected the artery from its wrong origin. Theyreimplantedit in the correct place in the aorta. They used a part of the tissue that covered Aditis heart to re-establish the part, where the artery was implanted. The reconstructed heart was given support for half an hour for efficient functioning. Her lungs and kidneys are also being supported. After the operation, the baby had stiff lungs for three days. After two more days, she became normal. She is fine now and will be soon discharged in a couple of days. The team consisting of intensivists, paediatricians,cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, and cardiologists check her progress two times a day. The doctors said that the girl is expected to have a normal life as she received medical assistance on time. The hospital has given a deducted cost of INR 3 lakhs for the surgery. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: