Sino Russian joint exercises will begin tomorrow from the exercise of three-dimensional Island

The Sino Russian joint naval exercises will begin tomorrow exercises seize the island stereo data figure: the Sino Russian naval exercises in the original title: Sino Russian Navy held joint maritime -2016 military exercises China Navy news (reporter Zhang Kejin, Chen Guoquan) according to the Navy spokesman Liang Yang introduced, according to the annual plan, the Russian Navy will be held on September 12th to 19, "joint military exercises joint maritime -2016 in Guangdong Zhanjiang held in the East China Sea airspace code. The director exercises were held by China deputy commander of the Navy Wang Hai and deputy commander of the Russian Navy Lieutenant Fido Gannenk J. The exercise by the deputy commander of the South China Sea Fleet commander General Yu Manjiang as a. Liang Yang introduced the exercises between China and Russia participating troops including surface ships, submarines, fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, Marines and amphibious armored equipment, the two sides will focus on joint air defense, joint anti submarine joint air and sea search, the United fighters took control of three-dimensional reefs, search and rescue, joint boarding and inspection subjects walkthrough. In addition, the Hong Kong Bank training stage, will organize a series of seminars, joint training, including the deduction on the map, the crew will also rely on the warship damage control training simulation field to carry out damage control drills, the Marines will be mixed to carry out light weapons firing, helicopter downhill, building climbing and downhill, Watakai Toshima, island defense and attack joint training. Compared with the previous joint exercises, the exercise in the organization model, the content of the exercise, guidance and other aspects of command and control have been carried out to deepen and expand, in particular, highlights the actual combat, information, standardization. Liang Yang stressed that the exercise is designed to consolidate and develop the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia, to deepen bilateral friendly cooperation; enhance the Sino Russian joint naval capacity to respond to maritime security threats; further improve the Sino Russian naval joint defense action organization command level; research to further improve the way to combat the Lianyan; implementation of China Russia joint maritime code optimization method play the organization. Liang Yang introduced, "combined" series of exercises is the largest Sino Russian naval exercises within the framework, since 2012 held the first exercises held, held once a year, among them, the 2012 exercise held in the Yellow Sea Chinese near Qingdao airspace, 2013 Vladivostok in Russia near the sea of Japan Sea airspace held in 2014, held in the East China Sea airspace China east of the Yangtze River Estuary in 2015, exercise is divided into two stages, the first stage in the Mediterranean, the second stage Vladivostok in Russia near the sea of Japan Sea airspace held. Earlier, the Chinese Navy by the Beihai, the East China Sea Fleet forces to participate in joint maritime series of exercises, this year to the South China Sea Fleet forces to participate in the exercise.相关的主题文章: