Sign the truth Virgin retrieve me after secretly looking elsewhere (Figure) drop dead diva

Sign the truth: Virgin retrieve me after secretly looking elsewhere (Figure) the Virgo man said to save my ticket to get along, for the purpose of marriage to a serious relationship, no two days before I found secretly go blind, but also frequently on the dating site! In the face of such a hesitant man, how should I do? Sina holly_zhu users love to say to the constellation Virgo after Sina recall my boyfriend and I secretly find homes almost a year, he is a typical Virgo man, I always say "sometimes hot and sometimes cold, slowly, but in general, the first half of the year is still relatively smooth and sweet, he is very careful and considerate every weekend, I do a lot of delicious food, his family also support us. Until last year, at his cousin’s wedding, because he left me cold, so I was not happy expression on his face, because of this matter, and ultimately led to his mother’s opposition and his wavering. This thing from occurring until now has been 4 months, every day I eat no pain can’t sleep, in addition to an apology, in a calm mood communication and meticulous care and considerate, all I can do, I do, he always hesitated in a contradiction. During this period, we basically maintain the rules of the previous weekend, every day contact. The Spring Festival this year, her boyfriend has been with his parents to discuss, I bierbuxian, also said to me: "we Laotaibuxiao, then drag and harm you, I have to think of our relationship." I know this is the subtext of breaking up, so I gave him a text message: Thank you for taking care of me for so long, you slowly consider, I will not force you." I think we are over, I choose not to contact him, but he will take the initiative to send text messages to me every day, I just passively reply. The last day of the Spring Festival, my dad drove me back to Shanghai, in accordance with past practice, will certainly bring my boyfriend, I can see the Spring Festival so painful, my dad said what had refused to meet, I risked my life two times from the back door of the car jumped out of the car, in the cold wind stubbornly walked half a hour, cold dying, my dad finally relented. I didn’t tell him about it, and I was chatting with him on the bus. I told myself, this is the last time for him so well, when finish it, it will never be. To my surprise, back to Shanghai that night, he suddenly sent a text message: "Hey, and you discuss a thing." I replied: "well, what, I listen." He said: "I think you just fine, we get along together." I stayed, thought for a long time, he sent a text message reminders, and I was back: "what do you mean to get along with?" He replied: "seriously, for the purpose of marriage." I couldn’t believe my eyes, like a dream, he had never directly said similar words. I thought he was happily change mind, we spent two days after Valentine’s day. But what I didn’t know was that I was wrong again! In two weeks after Valentine’s day, he was carrying me secretly and a girls meet, because they meet for the first time, the other is our fellow?相关的主题文章: