Siberia has found the earliest human needle has fifty thousand years of history (video)

Siberia has found the needle of the earliest human history of fifty thousand years, archaeologists have found a 7.6 cm long needle in a cave in Siberia, its history can be traced back to 50 thousand years ago, is made of ancient bird skeletons, presumably by Danny Suowa who made. According to the British Daily Mail reported that archaeologists recently discovered the world’s oldest needle in a cave in Siberia, claiming that its history can be traced back to 50 thousand years ago. This one of the oldest human needle found Yu Dan Nisuowa cave, located in the Altai mountains, so far, has obtained many archaeological discoveries in Altai mountains. The needle length 7.6 cm, is made by the ancient bird bones, is thought to produce long extinct Danny Suowa people disappeared. It is reported that this bird is found in Danny cave Suowa spicules every year summer mining activities, the researchers of Danny Suowa cave has been studied for 30 years. Study on the Novosibirsk archaeological and ethnographic director Mikhail – Schuon Covey (Mikhail Shunkov) professor said, this summer is the most unique archaeological excavation work has found some sensational effects. This pin is made of bird bone, before the oldest spicules are found in Slovenia, Kalawanke cave in the mountains of Eastern pottock, its history can be traced back to 47 thousand years ago. The latest archaeological findings suggest that Danny Suowa has superb production technology, far more than previously expected. Before the Danny Suowa cave archaeological excavations found similar to modern jewelry polishing process, is made by chlorite. But the researchers believe that the needle age than chlorite jewelry about 10 thousand years earlier. Francois Danny cave mining director Maksim – Kotiz Liking (Maksim Kozlikin) said, this is in the cave discovered the longest lived in the cave a needle, and Danny Suowa, Homo sapiens Neanderthal man. Professor Schuon Covey stressed that our study confirmed that the Altai mountains was one of the ancient center of human culture, ancient humans had mastered a superb manufacturing process, the newly discovered 50 thousand years ago this gold needle is one of the best examples. (Chang compiled) a team of archaeologists dug up the mysterious skull in Siberia, suspected prehistoric humans相关的主题文章: