Shark Beach premiere was like the release of the concept of viewing the various aspects of the Secre crycry

"Shark Beach" premiere won the praise of the release of the viewing guide secret aspect – entertainment movie "shark Beach" Sohu in September 9th the national release of sunshine beach shark machine four volt Black lively embodiment of surfing master Black lively show long legs Sohu entertainment upcoming 2016 sexiest movie "shark" thrilling escape beach days ago the film will premiere media exposure, and a viewing guide in the upcoming occasion, the entertainment angle for each aspect of fans ahead of secret. With the premiere day, adventure hammerhead wars, P dangerous escape, Black lively, vivid and full of strength of the big screen acting like shocking experience personally on the scene, the film gains a praise famous film critics, media and fans. The film will be on September 9th by 3D and Chinese IMAX format 3D national release. The viewing guide out the release of the entertainment commentary highlights the viewing guide very entertaining. Brain hole mode started, the audience watching the film all the beautiful scenery, sexy beauty, may encounter breathtaking shots of their entertainment capabilities but also the aesthetic, shock, horror, survival "shark Beach" watch out. The viewing guide pointed out that the silver screen debut in Lord Howe Island beautiful and flawless, in the intense shark war gap to bring the audience a visual aesthetic enjoyment. Hot and touching Lively in the lone girl turned over, but also for the film adds unusual sexy, more careful girlfriend jealous ", insert funny elements in the tense plot, can be described as creative out. In addition, the viewing period should avoid "Ge You lies", "high IQ audience imagine how to escape" aspect is to funny way movie "shark Beach" intense, actress Zhiyong full performance. As the summer blockbuster finale, the film will be with a comprehensive upgrade of breathtaking footage, Black lively screen acting outbreak pinnacle and attractive beach scenery and many other highlights become the biggest surprise in the schedule, definitely worth the audience. The media reputation won the praise of premiere of Black lively and fierce fighting not only to sharks, with flesh and blood Jiao Qu resist shark attacks, but also with wisdom and energy continue to seek a chance to escape, both physical and psychological test lets the audience look very worried. The fast pace of lens and exciting music, the film will also be most incisive sense of crisis rendering, while the movie’s stunning picture was also Chinese IMAX presents vivid full, true and natural sound is very shocking. After mapping, critics said that the whole process of viewing personally on the scene full of sense of horror, "the film with sleight of hand, the psychological thriller and picture impact showed clear way, the movie" shark victory "" shark Beach "in the most direct and the most impact increased in the movie thriller feeling, also let the shark rejuvenated this theme, the media also expressed their love for the film:" "shark" for the beach nearly extinct shark movies into the fresh energy and life, not only the resurrection of the original adventure aspect, also pointed out that the theme of this new direction". The most thrilling adventure movie of the year "shark beach".相关的主题文章: