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Shaoyang two son was arrested for drug abuse worshipping son kneeling father regret a previous mistake original title: [thunder action] "phantom" acquisition effect and drug Qi was arrested Dundian line recently, Wugang police in the acquisition of "phantom" information, to obtain a reliable clue: Wugang city house door community people smoke. The police immediately to the clues Mopai verification, investigation house door had 3 drugs, after a period of time the police Dunshou exactly mastered the activity patterns of the 3 basic situation of drug addicts and places. Take away the poison nest in September 18th, police investigators were Dundian dispatched to the 3 places, one will be three successful Duandiao drug dens, arrested on drug-related personnel 11, but one of the drug "his soldiers in this one". When arrested a drug regret a previous mistake "his soldiers", the father kneeling down to beg worship son, son of the father is very remorseful, a face of blame. According to police, the drug "soldiers" 50 year old Jiang Mouping, the son of Chiang Mouzhen at the age of 22, Jiang Moupingran drug addiction for many years, and many times due to drug treatment, but he did not repent, often when the son face drug, no father’s sense of responsibility, so that the son followed on heroin. The baby was bitter will 11 people back to the police enforcement investigators for urine samples, detection results were positive. Currently, the 11 have been Wugang City Public Security Bureau for administrative detention, of which 6 were forced to drug treatment for two years, the case is under further investigation. How should we stay away from drugs and drugs? One, go to the entertainment place, refused to give a stranger a cigarette or drink. Many teenagers are in drug free, go to the bar, karaoke, relax, accept strangers gift cigarettes, drink and go astray, and afterwards also afraid to tell their parents that cause it is getting worse, not end. As a teenager, it is recommended that you better go to those places of entertainment. Two, try not to meet people with bad habits. The rapid development of the Internet today, the young people make friends more easily, but also more likely to be confused by bad guys. So, friends need to be cautious, but found that person to have bad habits, should be avoided, so called, he said. Three, establish a correct outlook on life, values. Nowadays, young people are very popular with some non mainstream things, not decadent, is degenerate, serious negative energy. Young people, we should read more positive, warm up the books, so that they have a good and honest heart, the community has a correct and rational attitude. Four, to any form of drugs to be vigilant, do not blindly curious or try. The drug is easy to attract people, they are young, strong curiosity, weak self-control, easy to hold the mentality of adventure, try, try, hope to experience different from the stimulus. These are not desirable, it is easy for people to fall for drug addicts. Five, accidentally infected with drugs, to seek help immediately go to drug rehabilitation. Whether it is just out of curiosity began to try, or have misguided young man, once the drug must quickly go to rehab, a drug rehabilitation center to seek professional help, do not mistake the clock相关的主题文章: