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Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee: chain of non-standard business suspension of someone’s stores net signed data figure: chain stores (pictures from the network) original title: Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee: the chain of non-standard business suspension of someone’s stores net signed qualifications Shanghai Xinhua News Agency on 24 February, (reporter Zhou Rui Lu Wenjun) 24, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee responded, there is no chain company related stores operating norms, the investigation has been launched, results will be announced to the public. At present, the online registration qualifications of some related stores and related brokers are suspended. In view of the recent Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee exposure of Shanghai chain real estate brokerage Co., Ltd. relevant cases, Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee interviewed the relevant person in charge of chain company 24. Initially found that chain stores related stores have non-standard business practices, has decided to carry out a formal investigation, and asked the chain company to actively cooperate. Shanghai citizen Mr Wong, the chain of intermediary deception of the credibility of the real estate mortgage and the landlord, he paid 70% Shoufu, houses have been three court attachment, the chain of home more requirements of their parents assets as collateral for credit guarantee will continue to handle the transaction. In another case in the village told reporters that he paid the deposit after the signing of the formal agreement before being told, there are 1 million 670 thousand yuan of housing mortgage loans, can not handle real estate license, but the mortgage is actually from the chain of intermediary on behalf of the staff to lend home, for the purchase of other property. Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee said that during the investigation, the company will suspend the chain of home related stores and related brokers online signing qualifications. The Municipal Construction Committee agreed to, now Shanghai City Real Estate Trading Center has suspended above the store and the network signed qualifications, investigation results will be announced to the public. Shanghai Construction Committee said that the recent violations of Shanghai real estate brokerage industry is on the rise, the relevant government departments will further intensify supervision of the real estate brokerage market, timely investigation of illegal behavior, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, to maintain the real estate market stable, healthy and orderly development. Editor in chief: Zhang Chun SN182

上海住建委:链家不规范经营暂停涉事门店网签 资料图:链家门店(图片来源于网络)   原标题:上海市住建委:链家不规范经营 暂停涉事门店网签资格   新华社上海2月24日电(记者周蕊 陆文军) 上海市住建委24日回应,链家公司相关门店存在不规范经营行为,对其已展开调查,处理结果将及时向社会公布。目前,涉事门店及相关经纪人员的网上签约资格即日起被暂停。   针对近日上海市消保委曝光的上海链家房地产经纪有限公司相关案例,上海市住建委24日约谈了链家公司相关负责人。初步发现,链家公司相关门店存在不规范的经营行为,已决定开展正式调查,并要求链家公司积极配合。   上海市民黄先生介绍,链家中介欺瞒了房产的抵押情况和房东的信誉情况,自己支付了七成首付后,房子却接连被三家法院查封,链家更要求自己将父母名下资产作 为抵押资产作信用担保才肯继续办理交易。而在另一案例中的庄先生告诉记者,自己支付了定金后在签订正式协议前才被告知,房屋有167万元的抵押贷款,房产 证无法办理,而这笔抵押贷款竟然是由链家中介以工作人员名义借给上家、以供其购买其他房产的。   上海市住建委表示,调查期间,将暂停链家公司涉事门店和相关经纪人员的网上签约资格。而经市住建委同意,即日起上海市房地产交易中心已暂停了上述门店和人员的网签资格,调查处理结果将及时向社会公布。   上海住建委方面表示,近期上海房地产经纪行业违规情况有所抬头,政府相关主管部门将进一步加大对房地产经纪市场的监管力度,及时查处违法违规行为,切实维护交易当事人合法权益,保持房地产市场平稳、健康、有序发展。 责任编辑:张淳 SN182相关的主题文章: