Shaanxi introduced the implementation of the rural housing insurance program, such as natural disast zngay

The introduction of Shaanxi rural housing insurance implementation plan of natural disasters will be awarded – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an, September 20 (reporter Lin Juan) 20 reporters from the Shaanxi provincial Civil Affairs Department was informed that the office has recently in conjunction with the Shaanxi Provincial Department of finance, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Shaanxi Bureau issued the "Shaanxi province rural housing insurance implementation plan (Trial)", aimed at accelerating the development of rural housing insurance in Shaanxi Province, the expansion of rural housing insurance liability, gradually establish catastrophe insurance system in Shaanxi Province, improve the relief mechanism, improve the rural housing reconstruction to restore the normal production and living order ability. The program pointed out that Shaanxi province rural housing insurance work principle of "government guidance and market operation, voluntary, collaborative promote, no unit or individual shall make use of administrative power, position or occupation force, restrictions and other ways to facilitate farmers to participate in rural housing insurance. Program clear, rural housing insurance and additional insurance liabilities including the main earthquake responsibility, the main responsibility for the mandatory liability insurance, liability for the optional additional earthquake responsibility. The main risk responsibility contains natural disasters caused by lightning, wind, rain, floods, snowstorms, floods, hail, landslides, ice, landslides, sudden landslides, ground subsidence caused by the sudden loss of housing; accident: the fall due to fire, explosion, flying objects and other air operations object, does not belong to be collapsed outside the insurer or the use of all buildings and other fixed objects caused by the loss of housing; stop cost: in the event of natural disasters and accidents, rural residents to stop the disaster losses took the necessary and reasonable expenses. Additional earthquake responsibility refers to, because of the magnitude of M5 and above the earthquake and resulting in 72 hours of debris flow, landslide, subsidence, ground fissure, buried, fire, and explosion of the volcano, in the intensity of VI degrees and above within the region, the damage level in grade III (i.e. moderate damage) and direct loss III above the level of the subject matter of the insurance.相关的主题文章: