Russia said the aircraft went to Syria on top secret task expert kick up a cloud of dust 9c8836

Russia said the aircraft went to Syria on "top secret" task expert: kick up a cloud of dust data figure: the Russian Navy Kuznetsov aircraft carrier fleet original title: the only Russian aircraft carrier formation sail through the English channel implementation "top secret" task CNR net Beijing on October 23rd news China according to the voice of "global Chinese radio network" reported that Russia’s only active aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" no, just off Syria mission. Local time 22, Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov released a large satellite: "Kuznetsov" in addition to defending Russian soldiers, but also take on other tasks. Per Skov in a chat show on the day of the said: "from a tactical perspective, the aircraft carrier will take what responsibilities, I think, is stored in a marked ‘top secret’ sealed envelope". Russian Defense Ministry said that at present, there are 6 Russian warships in the eastern Mediterranean, Kuznetsov aircraft carrier will join these warships, the implementation of a period of about 4 months of tasks, to strengthen the fight against terrorists in Syria. The move triggered a close attention to the west, the Russian presidential press secretary Per Skov 22, said the Russian aircraft carrier USS Kuznetsov in addition to defend in Syria Russian soldiers, and other secret missions. "Top secret" two words like a scoop of ice water poured into the crash sound these days on the English Channel boiling. You know, No. 21, "Kuznetsov", just with his 7 frigate of the British Royal Navy, Richmond frigate, USS Duncan’s strict "protection", across the English channel. 15 this month, has been 31 years old, weight is 60 thousand tons of "Kuznetsov", from the north wind howling Morse set sail in Hong kong. The aircraft includes Su 33 fighter, dedicated ground attack Su – 25 attacker, 27 card and card 29 antisubmarine helicopter transport helicopter weapons including cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missiles. Accompanied by "Kuznetsov", "Peter the great" nuclear powered missile cruiser, "North Morse" and "Kulakefu admiral. Large anti submarine destroyers, and several ships logistics supply ship etc.. The huge aircraft carrier formation, the destination is arrived at the coast of Syria, to join the Syria war in full swing. Russian diplomats said in an interview: "Russia after the cold war, to mobilize the deployment of the largest, which involves all the Northern Fleet ships and most of the Baltic Fleet. Russia wants to win in Aleppo, the next two weeks, we will see the intensity of the air strikes in Aleppo upgrade." Since the fleet launched along the state is a road at Norway, accompanied by the British military reconnaissance aircraft and warships were deployed to monitor, according to the route, fleet first through the channel, and then through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean, eventually to Syria coast. Foreign media reports, Russia’s only aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" Marshal No. 7 escort ships from other co 15 this month from the Russian northwest end will sail through the English channel, into the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean and arrived in Syria into local battle. British media have pointed out that this time the Russian ship dispatched"相关的主题文章: