Result a little accident! There is a car can not do without fuel treasure (video) poper

Result a little accident! There is a basic car cannot do without fuel treasure fuel treasure in the end can reduce vehicle fuel consumption of fuel treasure is actually fuel additives commonly known, people on the Internet for the fuel treasure is so defined, it can make up for the defects of some properties of gasoline, but also can give some gasoline more excellent properties, but also can remove carbon accumulation in the engine, enhance the octane value, it also can improve the atomization, reduce engine wear and protect the engine. Often when we go to the gas station, the staff will recommend many brands of fuel treasure, said gasoline can be more fuel-efficient in Riga after this thing. Then fuel treasure in the end can not be efficient? The answer is negative, and not fuel-efficient fuel treasure! Now many owners and friends all know how much fuel is determined by the oxygen sensor, fuel treasure can not control the fuel injection quantity, so that the rumors which fuel treasure can fuel this thing really is just a legend. If your car engine is port injection, then remove the carbon fuel treasure function is not so obvious, but it can improve emissions, so for port injection engine and fuel treasure and not much significance, rather than directly to clean up the carbon come easy. If it is turbocharged direct injection engine models so the use of fuel treasure still has some benefits, the role is relatively obvious. Supercharger head is very sensitive to carbon deposition, if you do not use fuel treasure, then it is easy to produce carbon. Direct injection gasoline engine on the labeling requirements are relatively high, especially the direct injection engine some imports, even with 95 gasoline is still very easy to produce carbon, car manufacturers will launch the fuel treasure this fuel additives, help more gasoline combustion, which can greatly the reduction in carbon production, especially the imported engine basically is cannot do without fuel treasure. Now on the market of automobile fuel treasure brand very much, in the choice of when to find the quality assurance of the brand for the job, if the use of low-quality fuel treasure, then not only can not remove the carbon deposition inside the cylinder, there may be counterproductive, and damaged three waycatalytic.相关的主题文章: