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Restaurant waiter is now seeking to reward users: disguised cable tip? "Hello, if you are very satisfied with my service, you can scan the two-dimensional code on my shoulder, a reward." Recently, Jiangcheng restaurant began to test the water "WeChat sweep reward system", the waiter will wear their badges printed with two-dimensional code, when the customer after the meal, the waiter will come forward to ask, if you are satisfied with the service, WeChat can scan the point of a praise or reward a few dollars. For such a reward system, there are customers feel very strange, the waiter is also hard to play a few dollars can be accepted. Customers also believe that this is a disguised form to ask for tips, China did not tip the habit, do not give up and feel the face too. Insiders believe that the reward system can promote the waiter to improve the quality of service, it is worth affirming. Some experts believe that the reward must be voluntary to let customers, the customer is voluntary". Female white-collar dining in "seeking a reward" the waiter 99 Fen Shanxi noodle shop, customers are sweeping yards reward recently, female white-collar Chen Xu Dong 99 Fen Shanxi noodle dinner, inadvertently found on each table has a sign above writes: "if you are satisfied with our service, please call 1.99 tours yuan." Chen noted that many waiters arm wearing a two-dimensional code, the waiter told Chen, if Chen of service feel satisfied, you can use the WeChat scan code hit 1.99 yuan reward. "1.99 yuan is not much, the waiter ran back is really hard, a reward can improve the quality of service to the waiter." Chen think this reward activity is very creative. However, Li meal together with Chen believes that this is equivalent to disguise to tip, China has no tipping habits, and meals which already contains a service charge, is no longer necessary to. Visit: many chain restaurants push the "reward system" Little Swan Hot pot shop, the customer is the scan code reward recently, the reporter visited Jiangcheng several large district restaurants found that many well-known restaurants have recently launched the scan code and reward system. In the street of the Little Swan Hot pot shop, the door with a sign which said: if the customer can scan the code for a reward is satisfied with the service, a reward amount is 0.99 yuan, 2.99 yuan, 3.99 yuan. The store manager Wang said, playing reward activities were pushed out in August, the original intention is to motivate employees to improve the quality of service. At present, the effect is good, the implementation of the reward system for 2 months, the average monthly increase in the store clerk $two hundred or three hundred. Fishing in the South Hot pot shop in the commercial plaza of the sea, the reporter saw almost every waiter wearing a two-dimensional code and name badges. The shop foreman single lady told reporters that if the customer feel satisfied with the service, you can scan two-dimensional code, a reward 3.99 yuan. However, in order not to affect the customer’s dining experience, usually does not allow the waiter to take the initiative to play with the customer to reward, only when the customer asked, to tell customers can play. In Cade Plaza Nanjing food stalls, many attendants are wearing a two-dimensional code, each table is placed on a "reward" the small sign reads a reward the waiter 3 yuan can get 10 yuan of electronic vouchers. Survey: the majority of customers are disgusted with the initiative to ask for a reward if you are willing to reward the waiter? The "metropolis") a相关的主题文章: