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Refrigerator, you use the right? – the food channel — original title: [micro] release? Health and health of the refrigerator, do you use? The refrigerator is one of the necessary appliances almost every family, can you use? British "Daily Mail" a comprehensive number of food hygiene experts to teach you the correct use of the refrigerator: the best temperature of the refrigerator is 0 to 4 degrees celsius. If the temperature is higher than 5 degrees Celsius, easy to breed harmful to food Lister bacteria; less than 0 degrees Celsius, the food will be frozen in water. Refrigerator can not put too full, not space, it is best to put 3/4. If you have to fill the refrigerator, it is recommended to turn down the thermostat 1 degrees. Refrigerator space, then the disadvantage of its cooling mechanism, it is recommended to put a few cans of water into, or the temperature of 1 degrees. – if the refrigerating chamber wall condensation, mean temperature is too high. If the cold room back wall ice, it means that the temperature is too low, it may be because the refrigerator door is not closed, hot air into the refrigerator must be kept cooling. Although the current refrigerator temperature display, but it is recommended to put a digital thermometer, in order to more accurately understand the internal temperature. Summer high temperature in the room, may affect the temperature of the refrigerator, as far as possible to open the refrigerator door, you can also consider the temperature down 1 degrees Celsius, but do not tune more, and do not exceed the range of 0 – 4 degrees celsius. — bread, tomatoes, bananas, peaches and plums do not store in the refrigerator. — the leftovers in the refrigerator before, the best in two hours to cool to room temperature, in order to reduce the growth of bacteria, and then sealed into, help preservation. Clean the refrigerator once a month, use soap and water. Every year to the refrigerator a little fake, empty, power-off, thaw. – freezer food placement: the bottom drawer should put the fruits and vegetables, helps maintain moisture; chassis temperature is lowest, can put raw meat, poultry and dairy products; the middle layer can be placed and cooked egg; top fit Wine and leftovers. The upper part of the refrigerator door is made of butter and cheese; the lower door is suitable for fruit juice and seasoning. (Huang Min) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: