Re far apart still miss students love Huake Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cakes (video) jinshen

Re far apart still miss students "love Huake Mid Autumn Festival to eat moon cakes" the Mid Autumn Festival, Huazhong University of Science and Technology School of journalism sophomore girls Yuan Jiaxuan, received a heavy Boxing – mother home from Shandong to send the homemade moon cake. After receiving the express, the court is happy in the WeChat circle of friends issued a dynamic, and attached a picture of the moon cake. "Thank you for making the moon cake." After a while, her mother began to vindicate single ladies in WeChat, "this is the Cantonese style lotus seed paste mooncakes with egg yolk most fire this year, egg yolk and lotus are bought online, egg yolk lotus 23 yuan, 17.5 yuan, not youpi, plus postage to more than and 50, they do is good stuff, eating at ease." Yuan Jiaxuan said that in order to these 12 moon cakes, her mother a week to prepare a full range of ingredients, but also busy all afternoon to do. Metropolis Daily reporter contacted Shangyuan Jia Xuan subsequent single mom ms.. She said the homemade moon cake is not only to give my daughter not a holiday gift, "I also want to let the girl know, no matter how far apart, mother daughter will always be the most worrying." (reporter Le Yi) Papi sauce is not regularly updated daily & #8212; & #8212; five Ren moon cakes are delicious ah!相关的主题文章: