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Put "human wind" Zhejiang heavy break and retain the truth habits – Beijing Beijing in October 30 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter Lin Bo) the sound of firecrackers accompanied the visitors "Congratulations" sound, his son married the news for the new town Zhejiang County of Xiangshan province key village Shi Lingguo smile on this day will not stop come. Each received gifts of gold can not be more than 1000 yuan, at the highest standards of 800 yuan per table, do not drink more than 50 yuan a single bottle of liquor…… One day, when villagers spontaneously develop "civilized weddings and agreed on" formally implemented, but the history of Lingguo in the village is the first commitment, Jane do wedding people. More than 770 yuan a table of food, family and friends feel very delicious. We also reduced by more than half of the original plan, only to do 17 tables, meals are only a meal, the wedding is still very lively." Shi Lingguo said with a smile. This scene with the previous Xiangshan "old" have significant differences. In recent years, Xiangshan’s human wind blowing harder. It is reported that a "red bag", the general public 2000 yuan start, 1600 yuan in rural areas started, and any substantial rich human is thousands of tens of thousands of money. ". At the beginning of 2016, Xiangshan "on the funeral customs rectification work to implement the views of" as "a file" released. Subsequently, Xiangshan for the whole society "on the funeral customs rectification notice" issued within the county. Notice of marriage "advocate funeral Jane do not advocate, not receiving, non pro gifts of personnel, prohibition of fireworks, paper, electronic gun salute nuisance, prohibition of feudal superstitious activities, norms, weddings and market activities". The "human wind" blowing "Xiangshan" human wind "blowing strong long-standing." Xiangshan County remediation Office Deputy Director Wang Tianping said, "the home of small cylinder stove, filling out brother competition habits, Xiangshan has become the catalyst of society," a red bag, the general public 2000 yuan start, 1600 yuan in rural areas to get started, the home industry at least tens of thousands, the old man sent small tea friends’ hands without copper cash 500 yuan "can’t cope with a wine." "Xiangshan" the human "is indeed high, Xiangshan students marry money is 2000 yuan, but in other city students as long as 600 to 800 or so," teach in a primary school in Xiangshan Li Yu (a pseudonym) told reporters that the vast sea of the people of Xiangshan also gave birth to the broad mind, and in part of the money, the people of Xiangshan also shows its "broad" side. For a wage earners, in the face of a friend to get married, Xiangshan Shen Mi (a pseudonym) have sent out their most sincere blessing, but the growing number of money but let her into a sweet burden". In her view, as a monthly salary of 3500 yuan, small white-collar workers, these wages are not enough to send me a ‘human’." In fact, the human wind is not only a problem of the younger generation of Xiangshan, it is also the burden of the older generation. For a long time Xiangshan wine do pomp than the width of competition style and the increasingly high debt of gratitude had overwhelmed the villagers. The reporter understands, and bad habits, people)相关的主题文章: