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The positioning of small and medium-sized enterprises, Microsoft released CRM light management applications – Sohu technology today, Microsoft released a light Customer Service Manager CRM management application, using Office365 and Outlook to help enterprises to track customer activity. Specifically, the product is embedded in the Outlook, after authorization, can automatically integrate and track the sales staff of the relevant information, including e-mail, conference calls, daily tasks, notes, documents, etc.. A salesperson may associate a specific task with a customer, company, or transaction, and the product will be reminded by the pop-up box when it expires. A major advantage of Customer Service Manager, can be synchronized team all sales personnel of business information, help the team, for example, if a sales staff, no network signal, and the client just into the phone, then the other sales staff can help the timely processing of customer feedback. This feature can be used in the PC side, will first match the IOS side, and then open to other mobile terminal. In terms of data security, Microsoft said that all of the tracking has been treated with confidentiality, the data will be retained in Office 365. To some extent, Customer Service Manage and Microsoft CRM 365 is very similar, but the latter is more powerful, you can through the big data, analysis of more detailed customer information Dynamics. But the problem is that the demand for small and medium companies for customer management is not so high, and Dynamics 365 price is too expensive, so they tend to use more lightweight CRM application of the third party. In view of this situation, earlier this year, Microsoft has launched a small company Bookings software, can help sales staff to automatically set the connection with the client schedule, this time the Customer Service Manage is related to the integration function of Bookings. In fact, Microsoft has been improving its CRM service competitiveness, except at the beginning of this year, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP combined in June this year, Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, the workplace relations network using Dynamics series products. Microsoft’s efforts have also achieved some results, in September of this year, the company announced that it has signed a 6 year cooperation agreement with Hewlett-Packard Co, which will use Microsoft Dynamics products for business management. HP has been using the Salesforce service. The introduction of Customer Service Manage, Microsoft CRM series products will be more complete, can be oriented to small and medium enterprises in different stages. Currently, Customer Service Manage in Office 365 Business Premium Plan free use.相关的主题文章: