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Play in the British I Trent Park with you half day riding experience! – Sohu stamp blue word concern us yo! Equestrian has a long history in the United Kingdom, is second only to football’s second major sports. Britain hosts about 7000 games a year, more than 50 million spectators, and horse racing and horse racing are an important part of people’s lives. In equestrian sports and sports, the rot is also far ahead of players. They not only outstanding achievements, but also in the riding skills, immediately heroic, also revealed the British nation elegant gentleman. The Royal equestrian also pay special attention to this movement, since the 1711 queen Anne (Queen Anne) the establishment of Royal Ascot (Royal Ascot), this event has been held for 300 years, enough to prove that the British royal family, nobility and the whole country for riding the live sports. Elite GB is the largest British Equestrian Center to Trent Park (Trent Park Equestrian Centre) with CEO Sue and MS Martin to provide exclusive riding experience activities to readers for half a day. From the love of horses, Ms. Martin Sue from the age of 13 began in the race. After graduation, she became a full-time employee of them and gradually to participate in the race management. In 1995, Sue bought the Trent Park Equestrian Center and opened his own career. Under the leadership of Sue Trent, Park Equestrian Center has become increasingly strong, has now become the UK’s largest race and training center. The biggest race British Trent Park riding Centre – including horse racing, horse horse horse more than and 130 dwarf all kinds of – 20 professional coaches, training, all kinds of the same level of rider – more than 50 employees in the daily work of race – Private Horse Management Center: more than and 30 horse horse – Private foster international standard training field: 2 indoor. 1 outdoor – security measures in line with EU standards and hats and shoes – free restaurant, conference room is equipped with a number of facilities. Now the Trent Park Equestrian Center exclusive special (Trent Park Equestrian Centre Elite GB) to people in the British magazine for readers and friends to provide half day riding experience preferential activities. WeChat ID:GreatBritainMagazine long on the left side of the two-dimensional code attention we do not just forwarding media we believe that the strength of the original us every article is full of sincerity we bring you the most fresh British information Elite copyright GB micro signal: Greatbritainmagazine business cooperation: hello@elitegb.co相关的主题文章: