residents face stray bullet from don’t talk nonsense – Beijing buckpassing residents face "stray bullet from" don’t talk nonsense – Buck Beijing residents face "stray bullet from" don’t bullshit excuse Jiang Meng background: Nanjing, a female citizen and her husband with strollers walk in the area, suddenly was hit by a stray bullet injured. Jiangning Development Zone police station police confirmed that the bullet is flying out from a University of Nanjing’s College of distance open range. Reporters learned from the residential property office, Cuiping international city district has repeatedly occurred by trouble "". Beijing News: Zhang Xi flow view: a female citizen was hit by a stray bullet, seemingly accidental, but in reality it is man-made. The range of the adjacent area and not, how to become neighbors? To clarify this issue, far more than asking whether there is an egg or chicken is much simpler. According to the person in charge of the area range, by wounding incidents, is certainly a year planning and construction oversight, such as construction sites located in the range by range. In this regard, Jiangning District Planning Bureau Planning Department responsible person said, when planning in general road built on both sides of the house, they do not know the range cuipingshan on. Obviously, there’s only a small range. The relevant department is "the misfits", is the city planning matchmaker, the area and the adjacent range. With the rapid development of the city, land and space utilization rate continues to improve, building and population density increases further, various elements will inevitably "the crowds". However, city management and planning department designers can’t careless mistake. Now there is a stray bullet wounding incident, the planning department can is floating a "do not know" can shirk the responsibility? Planning mistakes need someone to take responsibility, but it is difficult to understand, since the "neighborhood and range" has become an established fact, why there is no long-term remedial measures. Some grassroots departments, units of the neglect of the safety of life and numbness, which can be seen. Xiaojiang caprice: this thing is most afraid of who are not responsible for the shooting range, the school also shot, residential property will only say not, pretend nothing planning department. Ping City and other international community has occurred many times "by trouble, confirms the danger with all people most want to see is not continued. Managers always say that people-oriented, the interests of the masses is no small matter, the key is to speak louder than words. "Stray bullet attack", a serious threat to the surrounding area residents personal safety, management department in the first time that will take measures to make up for negligence, ruled out the threat of hidden dangers. But now, the relevant units seem to have become "independent", leading to the danger emerging, isn’t it about the safety of the masses as a child’s play? May be difficult to solve the problem, including manpower, material and financial resources, this is some of the problems are dragged into a "big" reason. Accounts, is not a big loss exposed extremely short-sighted and some managers dereliction of duty. Said more bluntly, once the accident, resulting in serious personal injury and death, economic compensation, administrative accountability, judicial accountability, credibility and a series of price, some people can afford? There is no regret, don’t wait too late to regret. "Stray bullet quickly ruled out of suffering, don’t blame. Whether the "advance heating" should consider the background of the people’s livelihood temperature: North?相关的主题文章: