October 31st central parity of RMB exchange rate appreciation of 217 points to 6.7641 points jslottery

October 31st, the central parity of RMB exchange rate reported 6.7641 appreciation of the hot point of the capital flow of thousands of shares of the stock of the latest review of the latest rating simulation trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Sina Financial News October 31st China foreign exchange trading center announcement, the central parity of RMB exchange rate reported 6.7641 points, the appreciation point. Analysts believe that the RMB exchange rate appreciation is mainly because of small amplitude on Friday, the dollar index fell impact. Analysts believe that the dollar index callback on Friday because of the United States has a certain amount of domestic election variables, Trump was expected to increase due to the election, but will not change the trend of stronger dollar. Since October, with the Fed rate hike is expected to increase, the dollar index continued to rise, I believe in the consolidation after the dollar index will still continue upward. The dollar index fell Friday from FBI Hilary to restart the illegal investigation stocks dragged down by the dollar plummeted in October 28th the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary James Comey announced that it will restart the illegal investigation of the US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary, affected by the dollar index and stocks intraday plunge. In the FBI statement, the Dow rose 75 points or so, in a statement released after a few minutes into the Dow fell 75 points, the diving range up to 150 points. BBC analysts believe that although the matter may have little impact on Hilary, but it is almost certain that the United States before the election, the matter will not be resolved. This event is expected to affect the market will be affected by the election, the current election day in November 8th from the United States only 11 days. Because of the increase in the odds of winning Trump, investors in the stock market do not want to see this happen. As the currencies Trump reverse indicators Mexico Peso fell against the dollar, the dollar Mexico Peso (USD MXN) intraday rose 1.1%, because Trump had said to repair the wall between Mexico and the United States, and may even cancel the free trade agreement between the two countries but the dollar index overall because of rising uncertainty decline, a record in September 6th closed down 0.6% Friday since the largest single day decline. South Korean President Park Geun hye aides resigned to accept the won against the continuing downward by the President Park Geun hye "bestie" Cui Shunshi intervention of South Korean politics triggered political crisis in South Korean politics is getting worse. The presidential office said 30 days, Pu Jinhui has accepted the resignation of staff around, including chief of staff at the same time, the "intervention" scandal protagonist Cui Shunshi has returned from England to South Korea, ready to accept the prosecution investigation at any time. But still can not quell public grievances, South Korean requirements of Park Geun hye to resign immediately is also growing. The current exchange rate will remain relatively stable, but analysts believe that if Pu Jinhui was forced to resign may have a certain degree of depreciation of the won. Fang Gang talk相关的主题文章: