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O2O to Baidu Nuomi and big new midfielder, a new round of war has just begun – Sohu technological change is the eternal theme, any one industry is no exception. The capital of winter, O2O industry is the darling, heating seems to be conventional posture to survive. Recently a new high and let micro-blog broke the news, Baidu takeaway, Baidu Nuomi merger rumors again. In several times, Baidu denied beauty group are always silent in the background, many people think that "the ultimate rumors will become reality, O2O market also seems to be raging like a storm will come to an end, enter a new stage. Strategic significance, Baidu will not give up in a short time this year’s Baidu World Congress, Robin Li frequently referred to artificial intelligence, and that this will be the next scene of the internet. Compared with previous years, this year’s O2O seems to be weakened. This is also the industry as Baidu to give up the direct evidence of Baidu Nuomi and Baidu takeaway. But one thing we have to understand, not too much to mention, does not mean to give up. In the last year, Baidu Nuomi completed the expansion of consumer goods, to cover a drink for the main service areas of life tour, and the special development in the key areas of travel, tourism, hotels, beauty of marriage, education and training, home life etc.. Under the pressure of competition in the capital, the profit is difficult to multiple pressures, Baidu Nuomi’s competition for business resources and market share, but in the further acceleration. From the beginning of January last year, Baidu Nuomi’s market share climbed from about 10% to more than 25%, has become a significant force in the O2O market, and also to a certain extent, eventually become a merger with the U.S. group and review leveraging the industry pattern of "leverage", the Baidu Nuomi DAU has over 10 million, has 200 million registered users. Covering more than and 500 City, more than and 200 million merchants. Baidu’s goal has always been to connect everything, Baidu Nuomi is an important carrier to connect people and services. In the overall strategy of Baidu, glutinous rice is second only to search second high frequency traffic entrance, in the future development direction, Baidu Nuomi began to use Baidu big data and computing power to capture user portrait depicting ability, combined with consumer scene to create more demand for services. From this point of view, although the short term is difficult to profit contribution, but Baidu Nuomi and Baidu not only help Baidu takeaway reconstruction of the earlier lack of user account system, more importantly has become an important medium for connecting front end users of Baidu. Baidu Nuomi has to pay the entrance and user data, to some extent, is the entrance of Baidu finance, which will be able to pull Baidu wallet and other financial products, thereby promoting Baidu’s Internet banking strategy. From a long-term point of view, Baidu Nuomi is Baidu’s business is one of the few master users of consumer behavior data business, and now Baidu is developing artificial intelligence, these data owned by Baidu Nuomi will be Baidu artificial intelligence strategy is very important to food. In fact, in the "Baidu Nuomi and new merger rumors were" mass media, Baidu Nuomi Tourism Ministry recently announced!相关的主题文章: