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Note 7 mobile phone users said: Rashomon survey said tested cell defects of Samsung’s new flagship mobile phone Galaxy based on Note7 in the hands of Samsung, Samsung in September 2nd announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand units of the mobile phone in the world, but there was no explanation for the China, Samsung battery manufacturers are not the same. At this time Chinese consumers for "differentiated" policy is a fair discussion, country line version of the Samsung Note7 2 explosions occurred one after another, again will Samsung pushed the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Currently, Samsung said it was caused by external heating together, but consumers have denied. In addition, there is the view that the HUAWEI Samsung bombing door behind the waves, this HUAWEI sternly denied. Samsung country line version of the Note7 incident into a rashomon. Samsung’s global recall list does not have the latest version of Samsung’s mobile phone Note7 has just released a month, announced the recall. In September 2nd, South Korea’s Samsung headquarters announced that the decision to recall the worldwide Note7, this is because the Note7 received 35 explosions in the global report, some even lead to serious fire accident, this Samsung diagnosis of defects caused by battery. The recall involves 2 million 500 thousand mobile phones worldwide, which is estimated to cost about $1 trillion won (about $1 billion). However, in the recall plan, excluding china. Samsung said that this is because in the Chinese market for the sale of Galaxy Note7 line version uses a different battery supplier". But what is the specific supplier, Samsung has to protect the supplier refused to disclose the grounds. According to Nomura Securities analyst Chris Chang estimates, Samsung SDI Galaxy Note7 mobile phone supply about 65% of the battery, while the remaining battery supply from Chinese ATL manufacturers, the company only for Chinese sales Galaxy Note 7 battery supply, so the country line version of Galaxy Note7 is not included in the recall. However, more consumers are worried that China and the world to adopt different suppliers, why will be treated differently, which is worried about the country’s version of the Galaxy Note7 with different global standards. In September 14th, Samsung announced that the decision to recall the September 1st official sales of the top cover through the official website of Samsung music world community channels provided by the TM mode test experience with digital mobile phone, a total of 1858 units, the reason for the battery problem. The State Quality Inspection Administration said the recall of a digital mobile phone battery in the range of the isolation membrane anode and cathode local thinning, and the insulating tape is not cover plate coating under the condition of short circuit, causing the battery abnormal heat, combustion may occur in extreme cases, the existence of security risks. State line version of the two series of explosions in the case of Samsung hinted that Samsung Note7 will not occur when the explosion, the explosion occurred after the two. On the morning of September 18th, the net name "Chihuahua" you posted in the Note7 post bar called "blue explosion," the post, the Post said, "sitting in bed.相关的主题文章: