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Don’t take to the United States in the name of OPPO R series product review – Sohu technology every mobile phone brand has a different series of products, and the series of products have different place their own distinct characteristics, and these features can best reflect the brand personality. OPPO for the United States because of demanding idea, as in recent years, the domestic mobile phone explosion series, which is now the R series mobile phone R9, with a single paragraph, a record and a popular hot scenes, but this is not accidental, but through the ages as well as the improvement of the inevitable result of user research the next, we look at the OPPO R series product review. For OPPO this flagship R series mobile phone, the OPPO R1 OPPO began in 2013 R series is the flagship camera high Yan values, excellent characteristics, over the past few years, R1 to R1C, from R3 to R9 these two advantages has always been in the OPPO R series. At the end of 2013, OPPO launched the first R series models: OPPO R1 gorgeous streamer mirror, with the integration of industrial design instantly caught many user’s eye, and the R1 has been equipped with a PI engine. After OPPO R1S will be upgraded to the rear camera to the 1300W, will be more eye-catching sapphire blue color as the body color, to attract more beauty of the mobile phone users. In 2015, with the user’s love for the R series, OPPO has launched an upgraded version of R1S R1C. R1C diamond will shine into the classic streamer mirror, from a different point of view, the streamer mirror will cast a diamond pattern. With the success of R1 OPPO, R launched a series of new members of the OPPO R3 in June 2014, as the development of the metal forming process of CNC mobile phone R3, the thinnest only 6.3mm, in order to pursue a better hand, OPPO through dozens of Polish finally create a hand to bring the ultimate sense of gold arc, for the user of OPPO R3 imaging the front camera is also very good, 500W wide-angle lens, equipped with a PI engine upgrade the original front camera light capturing ability. After OPPO R3, and R5. OPPO R5 by virtue of the 4.85mm became the world’s most frivolous phone, but thin does not affect the feel. Stainless steel frame with micro arc back with custom coating, such as silky touch touch is unforgettable. And then, taking the title of OPPO mobile phone began to emerge, to support the ultra clear picture quality PI the original 2.01300W camera can shoot up to 5000W pixel photo, front 500W camera with OPPO’s extreme beauty, sound beauty and other functions, in order to bring more excellent self experience. At the same time in the R series, R5 for the first time equipped with VOOC flash charging function, it is focused on a group of loyal users, it also paves the way for the next sale of R products. As OPPO ten years sincere goods OPPO.相关的主题文章: