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Night Po Guangzhou, take you to find the original ecological food store – Sohu travel now food safety related news can always let you mention the unprecedented height of the nerve. This car additives exceeded, there is a serious residual toxins, but also to create a personal XX, the food industry is really good news. Is it really a luxury to eat a safe meal? In fact, Guangzhou is a well-known old shop — Pu skylight. It is self ridicule "Yangshan natural ingredients Porter", paying attention to the original ecological quality of the basic ingredients such as rice, vegetables etc.. Rice, is fresh to play, not too many processing procedures, the appearance is not pleasing to the eye, but full of rice flavor, used to cook rice, so that you can eat a few bowls. To eat a satisfied enough to let people happy so delicious. As a popular snack shop, we go to when not counting, a floor and the two floor is not filled. As long as 11 o’clock in the evening, the situation is not the same, can only use "All seats are occupied." to describe. The roots of mutton pot is different from Guangzhou city with stewed practices, but wild practice — with Guangdong "three treasures": straw to smoked sheep, to remove wild things must be some odor, while increasing coke flavor; dried orange peel, ginger also played a role in the removal of smell of mutton. The Inner Mongolia one weighing 35? 40 kg of white goat, where the grass is beautiful water, white goat meat strong base in Qingyuan after a lot of straw smoked after the whole shipped to Guangzhou. Guangzhou to do a lot of meat sheep restaurant by geographical and environmental constraints, are used to spray smoked sheep, but it has no scent. According to the guest call component, mutton with their 10 years of sun dried tangerine peel, ginger, bamboo, cane, straw and horse head secret medicine powder composed of anise, angelica, cardamom and other 20 kinds of medicine package, plus the sheep soup, simmer for 40 minutes to 30?. Because there is no soy sauce, chicken, MSG, chicken, braised in, so eat up very refreshing and non greasy smell, not much, even if the people can even eat mutton chunks. The store also caring for the hardcore guests for the lamb dip sauce, the sauce, pickled tofu from Qingyuan peanut oil, sesame, peanut butter, column Hou sauce tune into. The wild goose pot Hill (128 yuan pot) found in the intention of high-quality ingredients in mining hill, with the common market to the goose, which is more than 2 years of stocking in the wild geese and brown, due to the growth of time, exercise enough, so the meat fruit, thin skin and subcutaneous fat and almost no. Very resistant to cooking, how to keep pot goose bone crisp, goose skin is still refreshing. From the foie gras gloss, fullness, texture can be seen in the growth of the goose, growth is not a black day, foie gras. A feather weight 6? 6.5 kg, a pot of 13 geese, each pot are equipped with a goose, goose, goose, goose, red etc.. Braised goose by practice, not flying water, add a little soy sauce directly for more than 1 hours, a strong sense of goose fiber, chewy, not ordinary goose that soft bread taste, foie gras is glutinous no residue, no wonder soon, back rate is 0相关的主题文章: