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Network survey: about bike looks very beautiful city of civilization – Test of Beijing Beijing, photographed by Wu Tao " src=" 20160914; 2016914141458.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" Mobell cycling in Beijing high streets and back lanes. Beijing, photographed by Wu Tao " > Mobell cycling in Beijing high streets and back lanes. Beijing, Wu Tao photo Beijing, Beijing, September 18 (Wu Tao) recently, a network about the bike in Beijing and the Shanghai streets became popular, can also features a car whenever and wherever possible to win a lot of users’ heart". Some experts pointed out that, considering the operating mode and green travel angle, the net about bicycle can be sustainable development, but also facing the "last mile" problem is not solved thoroughly, Luantingluanfang, prone to vandalism and other problems. The future of its survival or not, a direct test of the degree of civilization of a city. Experience: the use of a bicycle with the smooth process recently, Beijing Mobell bicycle red burst and Shanghai area, compared with the public bike, the car whenever and wherever possible the operation mode of loved by the public. When used, we must first download the APP, and then register to pay 299 yuan deposit can be about the car. Through the mobile phone APP can find the specific location of the bike, the car body to scan two-dimensional code to unlock, while billing began, the fee is 1 yuan per half hour, but also the car (lock car) after the end of the charges. Mobell bicycle is easy to use, but also a lot of "slots". First of all, "too heavy" is the current users of the v-mobile bicycle and bicycle seat Mobell universal Tucao, can not be adjusted. Many users reflect, in the process of riding, comfort is not high, especially tall users, legs were stuck". In a number of experience, the reporter found that because of the configuration of solid tires, in shock absorption performance, comfort is not as good as ordinary bicycles. Solid tire coupled with shaft drive, ride up really hard. In addition, in the apple iOS system, v-mobile bicycle positioning set only "never" or "always" two optional, has been in the positioning state, cost flow is not high, there is risk of disclosure of user location privacy. In other mobile travel APP, most of them can be set to use the application during the open position. Study on sustainable development and Management Institute of Tongji University Zhu Dajian told Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) said in an interview, there is a dilemma in the v-mobile cycling comfort and practicality above, under the premise of ensuring durable resistance to damage, only at the expense of a part of the future, comfort, v-mobile bicycle should also gradually improve. Mobell bicycle "always" location. The "last mile" problem is not solved completely Mobell bicycle trouble far more than these, in the process of operation, the selling point is in trouble whenever and wherever possible parking, free parking is too led directly to the next user "difficult to find car". Have the v-mobile)相关的主题文章: