National day seven day Hefei railway passenger over 900 thousand passengers sexinse

National day seven day Hefei railway passenger over 900 thousand passengers in October 7th, passengers arrived in HeFei Railway Station, prepare the station. Washington   reporter learned yesterday, the National Day golden week seven days, Hefei’s two largest passenger train station more than 900 thousand passengers, passenger flow peak in October 1st, the same day passenger over 200 thousand passengers, a record high. During the National Day this year, the overall weather suitable for travel, on October 7th from the Hefei travel passenger traffic reached 170 thousand passengers, arriving passengers reached 160 thousand passengers, is a holiday origin to the end of the small peak passenger flow. However, passengers travel more smoothly, to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and other directions of transport capacity is still adequate. This year the national day seven day holiday Hefei railway passenger over 900 thousand passengers, the passenger flow peak occurs in October 1st, the station of origin to the end of 430 thousand, a record high. September 30th and October 1st are relatively concentrated, followed by daily traffic is still relatively stable, the average daily passenger flow are stable at around 130 thousand people, an increase of about 12%, 7 is the passenger return small peak, all day long 170 thousand passengers from Hefei, this wave of return peak passenger flow will continue until 8 pm.                         (reporter   Su Xiaoqiong) 国庆七天合肥铁路送客超过90万人次 10月7日,旅客抵达合肥火车站,准备出站。   本报讯 记者昨日了解到,国庆黄金周七天,合肥两大火车站送客超过90万人次,客流最高峰在10月1日,当天就送客超20万人次,创下历史新高。   今年国庆期间,天气总体适合出行,10月7日当天从合肥出行的客流达到17万人次,到达的旅客达到16万人次,是假期始发终到的客流小高峰。不过旅客出行还较为顺利,去往杭州、上海、武汉等方向的运力还很充足。   今年国庆七天假期合肥铁路送客超过90万人次,其中客流最高峰出现在10月1日,全站始发终到43万人次,创下历史新高。9月30日和10月1日比较集中,其后每天客流还比较稳定,平均每天的客流都稳定在13万人次左右,同比增长12%左右,7日是返程客流小高峰,全天有17万旅客从合肥出发,这波返程客流高峰将持续至8日下午。            (记者 苏晓琼)相关的主题文章: