My holy way the Golden Rooster flowers red carpet Yi dress suction eye of numerous borderland

"My holy way" the Golden Rooster flowers red carpet Yi dress suction eye of numerous Tencent entertainment news on September 24th, the twenty-fifth session of Chinese Film Festival Red Carpet ceremony and awards ceremony held in Hebei on Tangshan, a complete period for the film festival painting. The upcoming November 3rd national release of the movie "my holy way" crew also stepped on the closing ceremony of the red carpet, the film director Zhang Li, Xia Tao, a lot of thorium starring nuobu, paleo fire · autumn, Ma hey · Ayishisha, Mourinho Huaihu group appeared, seckill countless film. On the night of the closing ceremony of the red carpet, "my holy way" crew dressed appearance. Director Zhang Li dressed up in the dress appeared, upright full; new actress Tao wearing a white dress a lot of seats on the red carpet, highlight the charm of youth. With the profound story of Yi show the local customs and practices kernel, the film starring actor, Yi Xia, song knov thorium paleo fire · autumn, Ma hey · Ayishisha dressed in gorgeous Yi dress on the red carpet, which is on the autumn wear a suit, wearing big pants Yi, to go from the ethnic mix of wind "attract countless flash at the same time, also for the film festival the breath of fresh wind of the nation. In addition to the red carpet in suction eye of numerous, this film festival, "my holy way" also nominated for "outstanding domestic film screenings unit, and held a fixed gear conference and preview in September 21st. The press conference, the first exposure of the pilot trailer, fog, forest nannvzhiqing, 11 show gunsmoke flames under the lens, full of mystery. After the film screenings, the audience is highly praise, the audience said: "pure Yi did not become obstacles to see the film. On the contrary, the whole story is very smooth, Yi is to increase the sense of mystery film, suspense and foreshadowing buried just perfect, viewing the whole process is very comfortable." Affirmation of the audience, so that the film has become a popular reputation at the film festival. "My holy way" by the Liangshan cultural radio and television media group limited, Canada Dragon International Film Company Haisheng CO produced, Emei film group issued a famous military, directed by Zhang Li, tells the story of a young Yi Bimo Yi Sha motor (knov thorium Xia ornaments) experienced ups and downs, a way to find the white shrine story to show the power of faith, a profound and call for world peace. Previously, the film has been nominated for the Montreal Film Festival screenings, foreign audiences played a rare high 85 points for the film; the film at the Venice Film Festival screenings have great success in foreign countries, set off a most unusual folk style. The film will be officially landed in November 3rd, the country’s major theaters and the majority of the audience. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: