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Mr. Su love to gourmet delicacy delicacy, meta – Sohu and drunk linger in Qingshen Qingshen Western Wei Fei Di two years (AD 553 years) to worship cancong JianZheng, "and teach the people’s Yi Nongsang, all people of God" and its name. Qingshen city has a long history, the Minjiang River water surging flows, the Millennium ancient temple in the quiet stillness, bamboo craft also shine qingshen. In addition to the brilliant Qingshen beautiful scenery and exquisite bamboo craft, delicacy is also quite amorous feelings, will not miss a chance to visit the Qingshen delicacy. Yue spring ginger pork? "Yue spring", is currently the largest Qingshen County in a hotel complex. The original is a time-honored Qingshen diet — founded in 1902 by Mr. Xiao Hongshun, the name taken as Wyatt friends from afar, like the guests gather Minjiang spring". Xiao Hongshun was in a "Xiao chicken" play a piece of heaven and earth, then the property of passing the torch, now is the most representative of the "ginger pork". Ginger pork and Su Dongpo quite closely, Su Shi was born in Meishan, then together with brother Su Zhe was the father sent in Qingshen "rock academy" after reading, "call sign pund" campaign, leaving a fish called marriage "the eternal legend, Queen Wang Fangzhi and the teacher cannot understand? This is the first fish waterside pavilion. Ten years of life and death two boundless, not thinking, since unforgettable." Su Shi was this sentimental "Jiangcheng Zi", is to mourn and the king put his wife. Su Shi created the Dongpo Pig Knuckle has always been regarded as a classic, according to local folklore, this dish is actually from his wife Wang Fu’s Ginger pork and improved. Ginger pork is essential and green on the banquet dish, "Yue spring" Chef based on the king put ginger on the elbow, and made some improvements. The first pig elbow put a pot of water with ginger and cooking wine, simmer until soft and cooked from the bone, remove the wobble, the other farm wheat sauce and hoisin sauce pan fried, mixed soup, add a lot of ginger, a little salt, oyster sauce etc. adjustable bottom taste, a small fire close to the sauce thickens. Pour into, Chili oil, pig elbow, sprinkle with chopped green onion. Soft waxy, rich in ginger. Address: Rock Road No. 40 (water authority opposite) Tel: 028-38862356 Changan restaurant Roast Chicken and roasted rabbit? Surging Minjiang water flowing from Qingshen County on the edge of the temple, the Hanyang dam to Leshan Giant Buddha. Bamboo trees surround the Millennium Temple in the temple quiet quiet, the tour finished also to the next Changan restaurant to eat Roast Chicken and roasted rabbit. Rectangular grill homemade was placed in the side of the road, the chef sat slowly to turn the grill, chicken and rabbit in charcoal baked under the skin gradually attractive fragrance is also golden, drifting around, it just came down from the mountain visitors who are tired and hungry, can not resist the temptation. Grilled whole chicken shiny golden goose, burnt crisp chicken, tender and soft and chewy, spicy flavor and it just perfect cumin flavor chicken into the inside, each bite bite down are satisfying. Address: 100 meters in the Rock Scenic Area phone: 028-38853166.相关的主题文章: