Morgan Stanley reiterated that Sinopec refinery holdings rating target price of 8.04 yuan

Morgan Stanley reiterated that Sinopec refinery holdings rating target price of 8.04 yuan Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future of the way out? Sina launched the "Hong Kong Hong Kong stocks as well as unattractive" discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome attention to Hong Kong stocks, concern of the capital market, Hong Kong stocks together for suggestions, seek the Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. Morgan Stanley will be Sinopec refinery (02386.HK)   2016 to 2018 profit forecast by 35% to 38%, because the first half profit is far worse than the bank expected, new orders behind schedule for the goal of the year, and 11 billion 100 million yuan chemical orders on hand impairment. Target price from 8.15 yuan to 8.04 yuan, to maintain the ‘overweight’ rating. The bank pointed out that after the company issued a profit warning shares fell only 3% to 4%, I believe because the company’s net cash status provides support. The bank’s target price basis for the company, net cash per share amounted to 6.5 yuan. According to the company track inference, Morgan Stanley is expected in the second half will improve the order of positive catalyst price, because of its performance in the first half of the year after the announcement of the expected order of low level, years have access to Iran’s oil refining orders, I believe that the second half of the order for better positive catalyst. The bank pointed out that Sinopec and Iran signed a $1 billion 200 million related to capital of Abadan oil refinery upgrade project, will be performed by the Affiliated Companies of sinopec. But in the implementation of Sinopec "13th Five-Year" planning the implementation of the development of two new projects in the country, each size of up to 40 billion yuan; and in other regions such as Russia have the potential to obtain project opportunities. (both) to enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: