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Mix change forced out: Liaoning sold Benxi, brilliance and other 9 state-owned stake in the original title: Liaoning to promote the sale of mixed change Benxi, brilliance and other 9 state-owned equity reporter Jin Ying Shu Beijing reported second days on the revitalization of the northeast "three year plan" in the national development and Reform Commission, the Liaoning initiative sounded the state-owned enterprises reform mix horn. Executive director and chief researcher of China Enterprise Research Institute Li Jin in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic report, said, for the economic development of Liaoning is facing enormous pressure, it is forced out of a mixed change. First of all, from the positive attitude of reform, this approach is worthy of recognition. But more critical is that, compared with external funds, Liaoning need to introduce more market-oriented mechanisms and more efficient management system to revitalize the assets." 9 state-owned equity sale Shenyang United Assets and equity exchange issued the "Liaoning development of mixed ownership economy, the introduction of strategic investors" equity transfer announcement shows that the introduction of strategic investors, the positive development of mixed ownership economy, the provincial government decided to sell the Benxi Iron and Steel Group, brilliance group, trading group, water resources group, Liaoning energy group, Liaoning Fishery Group, Fushun group, Shenyang Coal Group and other 9 enterprises Tiefa energy shares to strategic investors outside the province first. The announcement of Benxi, brilliance and other enterprises for sale equity ratio, the price did not make a clear explanation. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter called the announcement of the Liaoning government departments to provide contact was informed that the equity sale is open, there is no limit to the strategic investor assets or ownership threshold. "Marketable equity ratio of around 20%, if the intention of investors can also submit a higher proportion of the investment plan, but ultimately to the provincial SASAC, the provincial government will approve." The staff also said that the current stage is just looking for buyers, as will eventually introduce a number of strategic investors, the number of shares transferred, how much money is realized, are not sure. 9 state-owned enterprises information combing bulletin, twenty-first Century economic report reporter found that Benxi, Shenyang coal, energy, iron Fushun 4 from overcapacity in the steel and coal field. In case of Benxi Steel, Benxi Iron and Steel Group business information, the registered capital of 18 billion yuan, the two major shareholders of the Council of Liaoning province SASAC and the provincial social security fund. In 2015 the total assets of 141 billion 400 million yuan, total liabilities 105 billion 600 million yuan, asset liability ratio 75%; 2013-2015 years, Benxi Iron and Steel Group operating income was 72 billion yuan, 65 billion 300 million yuan and 47 billion 100 million yuan; net profit was 220 million yuan, 300 million yuan and -8.0 billion yuan. In an interview in twenty-first Century economic report, President and chief executive China Enterprise Research Institute researcher Li Jin told reporters, Liaoning heavy asset heavy chemical industry intensive, Benxi, Shen Mei such a large state-owned enterprises, itself in industries with excess capacity, the body, the heavy debt burden. To carry out the reform of mixed ownership in the state-owned enterprises, for enterprises is a huge positive, on the one hand, can help enterprises to introduce funds to make an inventory of assets, on the other hand, is expected to introduce a more efficient management mechanism to enhance the production efficiency of enterprises. In the sale of equity in the enterprise, including Liaoning energy group, trading group"相关的主题文章: