Millions of pounds in front of O’Sullivan a change in the life of a sum of

Millions of pounds in front of O’Sullivan: a life changing money for a young O’Sullivan and White 2016 England Snooker Open soon gets underway in British Manchester on Monday, during the England open, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Gimi White and Neal Foulds (former ranked third in the world) will serve as the European sports guest team, live broadcast participate in European sports. "Local series" of the four races, of which the three stations are new events. England open (October 10th to 16), Northern Ireland (November 14th to 20), Scotland open (December 12th to 18) with the traditional event Welsh open (next year in February 13th to 19) the cost of common group season 19 ranking event in a new series. Each of these races are composed of 128 players jointly launched the first round of competition, to win all 4 Championship players will get snooker history the highest amount of individual bonuses — 1 million pounds. European sports to push new events, from the "Talksport" radio Oprah Andy Goldstein will serve as the master of ceremonies in the event, the "rocket" Ronnie and O’Sullivan "cyclone" Jimmy White will play in the game at the same time as the studio guests; David Herndon, Mike Hallett and Philip Stade explained, Neal furze and old White will also join the commentary team from time to time. For the $1 million grand prize, five world champion O’Sullivan said: "this is an extra bonus apparently let everyone There were many discussions. — this is true, of course, can change your life a sum of money. It is very difficult for anyone to get the prize, but it is very special." Gimi White agree with O’Sullivan: "it’s great held 4 events in the UK, if any player can get 1 million, this will be a big step of snooker. Very hard, but everything is possible, it also shows that snooker is moving in the right direction, excitement." Last week, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Welsh Open champion, has been with the snooker legend Davies, Alex, Higgins, Hendry and Reardon’s name. (World Snooker)相关的主题文章: