Million European Lanjian wine most worthy shots of the Chateau (a) – Sohu and

Million European Lanjian wine most worthy shots of the Chateau (a) – Sohu and the king | Wine wisdom for you online recommendation is our previous club or auction interest have appeared in the wine after drinking, we think the price is too great, or indeed can be included in the wine will drink XX "list’s death, it is necessary to share with you, in the future will continue to launch special form. Want to know how to buy, hey hey, to participate in activities to tell you oh, we drink together to exchange, to catch up with the scene will take a bottle of welfare! Good start: follow us recognize Mingzhuang ~ after seeing these familiar labels, it can immediately make up a story and price tag. 1 Le Presi Brunello di Montalcino, Riserva 2004, Dunlop Brunello di Montalcino Leahy: Le Presi winery Romon collection areas: Tuscany, di Montalcino Brunello Sangiovese grape varieties: international market price (pre tax): $80 WA:93 is only the size of the palm of the famous, the traditional Brunello is proud. Built by BrunoFabbri in 1998, Bruno’s son, Gianni, accepted the family winery on the basis of the continuation of the tradition of innovation into the. "Le Presi" is a term used to describe the development of terraced fields for grape cultivation in the local dialect. Father and son only 4 hectares of vineyards vineyards, facing the southeast, including the kind of Fosso Park in 1970 and planted in the Piagge Park in 1998. Originally, the vineyard area is very small, the brewer is a competing with people, the requirements for quality control of production, which is extremely harsh, not the limited edition also became a limited edition, and it is a treasure class. WA said, "it’s amazing how the combination of elegance and endless power." Fosso Châ teauneuf Du Pape Park 2; La Combe, Des Fous, 2006 Pope Newcastle, April: Clos St. Jean Valley region: Rhone, Châ Du Pape teauneuf: 60% grape varieties Grenache, Silas +20% +10% +10% Reyes sinsaut Waka international market price (pre tax): $132 WA:97 WS:93 Wine Cellar

Insider:96 Clos Saint-Jean is the southern Rhone wine level, set up by Edmund Tacussel in 1900, 1910 officially started foreign sales, the new Pope than Fort AOC before they become legal相关的主题文章: