Meranti on the afternoon of 13 will seriously affect the new network in Fujian 9c8921

"Meranti" on the afternoon of 13 will seriously affect the Fujian – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in September 13, (Chen Danni) Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon warning on the morning of 13 coastal, 13 PM to 15, "Meranti" will seriously affect Fujian, central and southern coastal winds of 10 to 14. The process of accumulation of Southern rainfall locally up to 350 ~ 450 mm. No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" 12 days has been strengthened as a super typhoon. 13 days 5 when, "Meranti" center is located 19.4 degrees north latitude, 126.1 degrees east longitude, is located 690 kilometers from Hualian, near the sea, near the center of the largest wind 17 (65 m or more seconds, super typhoon level), the minimum pressure of 91 thousand kPa, seven wind circle radius of 250 to 300 km, 10 wind circle radius 120 km, 12 wind circle radius of 80 km. "Meranti" will be 20 to 25 kilometers per hour speed to the north west direction, probably at 15 am in the morning to visit the coastal area. By "Meranti" influence, 13 afternoon to night, Fujian province’s coastal and Taiwan Strait wind 7 to 9; Taiwan shoal fishing ground up the night wind 8 ~ 10 level. 14 day, Fujian, central and southern coast, Taiwan Strait and Taiwan shoal fishing ground wind force of 9 ~ 11, Taiwan shoal fishing ground in the afternoon to the evening of 12 ~ 14. 14 on the night of day to day 15, the central and southern coastal areas of Fujian, Taiwan Strait and Taiwan shoal fishing ground wind force of 10 ~ 14; night wind gradually reduced. Typhoon center near the sea wind 14 ~ 17. There is a strong wind on the land. 14 day, Fujian coastal areas of the wind will appear from 8 to 10 levels; the night of the day of the night to the day of 15, the central and southern coastal cities and counties to enhance the wind to the level of 10 ~ 13, the center of the typhoon through the region up to the level of 14 ~ ~ 16. 14 night, coastal and southern regions have heavy rain to heavy rain. 15, 2009, Fujian heavy rain to heavy rain, heavy rain in central and southern regions. 16, rainfall weakened, the province to heavy rain, local rainfall in the northern region. Cumulative rainfall in the process of the province 100 ~ 250mm, the southern part of the local 350 ~ 450mm. Fujian province has asked the fishermen in Taiwan shoal fishing ground, fisheries, fisheries, Fujian Fujian, Fujian fishing in the fishing ground and the Diaoyu Islands waters should be prior to 14 days 12 when all nearest to the harbor; the main labor personnel the province’s coastal aquaculture rafts on elderly women and children personnel, Fuzhou and the south coastal aquaculture fishing rafts should be in 14 days before the 12 evacuated ashore, the main labor personnel in Ningde coastal aquaculture fishing row on do transfer evacuation preparations; coastal tourist attractions, coastal construction site should be in 14 days before the 12 closure and shutdown. (end)相关的主题文章: