Make Up Tips For The Fall Season-solid converter

Beauty Like the seasons, make up trends and tips keep changing every few months. Well, fall is here! The chill in the air and the beautiful colors around you make you feel beautiful and energetic. The beautiful energy that surrounds you during the fall can be easily translated into looking fabulous! When it .es to make up, winter and fall are the best season to try new products and be more creative. No risk of mascara running off or eyeliner getting smudged due to heat. The cool weather has kicked off and there is color everywhere. The best make up tips of the season are to have smoldering smoky eye make up with nude lip gloss or red hot lips with tan eyes. This is the season to be bold and colorful and there is reason to be shy! What is hot right now, for both teenagers and adults alike is the new nude look. It is classic, timeless and low maintenance! If you have the correct concealer or foundation, it is pretty easy to pull of this look. Even better a refined nude is perfect for a great professional look. But if you want to go for a holiday or have a more party look, try a shade of pink or fuchsia. Pencil your eyebrows and highlight cheek bones. If you are using pink as your lip color, take a more subdued look with your eyes. Always remember to highlight either the eyes or lips but not both. For hair, waves and curls are back in the game this year. Soft curls look hot and chic "" and curls always add volume to hair.. Whether you are going to your office or an evening out with your girlfriends, curls are perfect for the occasion.. Make sure you use the right products to blow dry and curl your hair! Go wild with your nails. Be creative "" nail art is back in vogue. Be subtle or bold, but don"t be afraid to express your personality. Beauty and make up is a personal style statement. As long as you are confident and feel beautiful from inside, you will look stylish in almost any make up! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: