Machine sea tactics can not stop Meizu September 5th to push Charm Blue max (video) yuanmu

Machine sea tactics can not stop Meizu September 5th to push Charm Blue max? Tencent digital hearing (Wang Yang), said a few years ago, the domestic mobile phone is relying on machine sea tactics started, then today’s Meizu is definitely a model to carry it forward. After the release of a series of Charm Blue E, Charm Blue U20 U10, Meizu will once again announced on the afternoon of September 5th 14:30 held a new conference site, finally not the National Convention Center, but the choice of the gymnasium of University of Science and Technology Beijing, as the protagonist is still new charm blue. Every time the Meizu invitations will bring a surprise, this is a quite nostalgic atmosphere of the NOKIA business mobile phone E71, this model had to rely on straight full keyboard design offbeat become fashionable for a time. We also saw on the invitation of such details, while taking advantage of the young, playing the big, intelligent era of young business machines". I don’t know what charm blue this model looks like, but has now revealed Meizu will launch a 6 inch big screen mobile phone, or called Charm Blue max, its competitors will lock the thousand machines millet Max large screen and the glory of Note8 such as the appearance and functional design, it will tend to business users. Meizu has always been a small and beautiful, that is, depending on the feeling, but this time if the big, you will like it? The wonderful video to engage in a recommendation: Meizu MX6 started from the wrath of the Yellow chapter相关的主题文章: