Lottery era bonus can be paid in installments For the rest of my life 5000 yuan per day-sweets parade

Lottery era bonus can be paid in installments? The rest of the day 5000 yuan per day in the wonderful lottery winner of $5000 per day in the rest of your life, you can get $1000 Canadian dollars (about RMB 5100) of income, then what would you do? British Columbia, Canada lottery company recently launched a new game, called the daily award, every Monday and Thursday draw. The lottery play as, from the 1-49 5 numbers as the main number, and then choose a number from the 1-7 as a prize number, players can choose or choose lottery, each note lottery $3. Only the main number and the grand prize number have won the prize. If the same period there are many people to get the first prize, then we will split the bonus. However, the game won the jackpot probability is 1300 to 1/10000, that is to say, the probability of becoming an astronaut may have high probability than the first prize. Life expectancy for men and women in Columbia, Great Britain, is about 80 and about the age of 84, according to the Bureau of statistics. If the winners of this year 30 years old, then you can get 50 years of bonus, a total of 18 million 250 thousand Canadian dollars (about 93 million 150 thousand yuan), if plus contains more than $12000 in a leap year, can also be. Winners can choose to receive a one-time bonus, but the bonus is only $7 million (about $35 million 730 thousand), which is equivalent to about 20 years of total prize money. According to a survey conducted by the British Columbia lottery company, 56% of the respondents chose to receive a one-time bonus, only about 44% of people choose to receive a daily bonus. As for the use of bonuses, more than 1/3 of the players said that if they win, they will hire a cleaner to do housework. Another 10% said they wanted to hire a private chef. Other people don’t care much about housework and cooking, 54% of them say they donate charity, about 52% want to travel around the world, and about 40% think they will buy a new house. In addition, 80% of those surveyed said they would share the joy of the Grand Prix with family and friends. Now, the British Columbia lottery company has also launched a contest to collect the people will be how to use the Canadian dollar bonus". From 21 may, the public can submit to the specified site. The winner of the competition will be awarded a Canadian dollar and ask for a short film to show how to use it. Source: Canada, "Vancouver sun" compiled Yu Jiayi相关的主题文章: