Longyan 3 year old boy lost 400 people search for the composition of UAV search group 1256789

Longyan 3 year old boy lost 400 people search for the composition of UAV search group such as long clues, please contact the family alarm or Herald News (reporter Li Guirong trainee reporter Wu Meiwen map) the afternoon of September 21st, Wuping of Longyan Wo Xiang 3 year old boy in the neighborhood lost. After 2 days of searching, there was still no news. The lost boy was named Pan Yunkai. In the afternoon of September 21st, Xiao Yun was lost on the road when he followed his mother up the mountain. After receiving the alarm, Longyan Wu Wo township police station immediately organized and mobilized the villagers to search in September 22nd 2 a.m.. At the same time, the Changting County police station next door to the investigation, and notice submitted to the County Public Security Bureau Command Center, the transfer situation of passing vehicles organized special forces in the hilltop village by car out, and carries on the research analysis, looking for traces. At the same time, wo Xiang Wuping of Longyan immediately organized Township and village cadres to the hilltop village search, while launching a hilltop village and the surrounding township village people to join the team. At noon on September 22nd, 4 members got the news of Longyan Wuping County photographers association composed of the search team UAV, went to Shantou Township Village surrounding hills in search and rescue. According to statistics, 21 -22 days, a total of more than 400 people joined the search ranks. Netizens have also taken action, by forwarding missing notices, the formation of tracking relay on the network. At the same time, the Ministry of public security, people’s net also released the missing information of its information in its official micro-blog. However, 2 days later, there was no news from Xiao kai. Police said that at present, Wuping County Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation departments have early intervention, missing children information in the Criminal Investigation Bureau of Ministry of Public Security issued the first time platform to release information, is to maximize the mobilization of all resources involved in search and rescue. Pan Yunkai, male, 3 years old, lost his home near the hilltop village around 4 p.m. on September 21, 2016, lost his body in a blue long sleeved coat and wore jeans underneath. If you have any clues, please contact 13950841780.

龙岩3岁男童走失400人大搜寻 组成无人机搜索团   ▲如有线索,请报警或联系家属   导报讯(记者 李贵荣 见习记者 邬眉 文 图)9月21日下午,龙岩武平大禾乡3岁男童在家附近走失。经过2天的寻找,仍没有音讯。   走失的男孩叫潘云凯,9月21日下午,小云凯跟着妈妈上山的过程中,在路上走失。接到报警后,龙岩武平大禾乡派出所立即组织警力,发动村民搜寻至9月22日凌晨2点。同时,向隔壁的长汀县红山派出所发布协查,并通告上报县公安局指挥中心,组织专门力量调取在山头村出入的过往车辆情况,并逐车进行研究分析,寻找蛛丝马迹。   同时,龙岩武平大禾乡立即组织乡、村干部前往山头村搜寻,同时发动山头村及该乡周边村群众加入寻人队伍。9月22日中午,得到消息的龙岩武平县摄影家协会的4名会员组成了无人机搜索团队,奔赴大河乡汕头村周边山头参与搜救。据统计,21日-22日,共计400多人加入了搜寻行列。   网友们也纷纷行动起来,通过转发寻人启事,在网络上形成寻人接力。同时,公安部、人民网也在其官方微博里发布了小云凯失踪信息。然而,2天过去了,依旧没有小云凯的消息。   警方透露,目前,武平县公安局刑侦部门已提前介入,在公安部刑侦局失踪儿童信息发布平台第一时间发布信息,正最大限度调动一切资源参与搜救。   潘云凯,男,3岁,于2016年9月21日下午4点左右在山头村自家附近走失,走失时上身穿蓝色长袖上衣,下身穿牛仔裤。如有线索,请联系13950841780。相关的主题文章: