Liu Xiaoyu 17 points to wear the Guangdong defense he added to the old club new scars-luonv

Liu Xiaoyu 17 points to wear the Guangdong defense he added to the old club new scars in 2015, as the team’s main point guard for many years, and he left him for the effectiveness of the Guangdong men’s basketball team to join the team for nine years. Although there are many reasons to leave, but in the heart of Liu Xiaoyu but he is not willing to give up on the way to a person for his career in Guangdong set the tone. So in the two last season against Guangdong, he surrendered is higher than the mean of the 19+6+7 season and 20+4, and today in the home court against Guangdong, Liu Xiaoyu again played 17 points 5 rebounds and 3 assists to his old club, Tim a deep wound. Today, Liu Xiaoyu will show a strong desire to attack, he was in the first quarter of the game three consecutive shots, seems to be eager to show their strength to the old club. But More haste, less speed., impatient Liu Xiaoyu attack success rate is not high, only one hit three shots. Fortunately, the first section of Fred Te’s fiery state, continuous scoring to help lead Shanghai, Liu Xiaoyu can only become a supporting role on the field. As the game progresses Liu Xiaoyu gradually found the mentality, in the second quarter at the beginning of Sloan in his play "3+1", Liu Xiaoyu turned in the same way decisively at the three point out hand hits, the successful completion of the "answer ball", a cheering audience of fans. Then the face of the old teammate Chen Jianghua personal defense, Liu Xiaoyu deftly turned a dribble on defense, forcing the foul and two free throws. This two attack apparently inspired Liu Xiaoyu’s confidence in the middle section, he faced the defense of Zhao Rui mercilessly break layup, will also score the foul, the successful completion of the "2=1", to help the Shanghai team continue to expand the lead. The first half of Liu Xiaoyu who got 10 points, the Shanghai team is fredet outside the most high-profile players. The second half Liu Xiaoyu to a good play, he used it in the third quarter and break again 4 points, remember he released Cai Liang layup, will be extended the lead to 21 points. When at the end of the Guangdong men’s basketball team launched a final attack, Liu Xiaoyu is the second consecutive pass from Ceng Wending, to help the latter recorded two hit three points apiece. With Liu Xiaoyu in the final last minute layup, he got his seventeenth points at the same time, will also be completely nailed to the old club defeat on the scoreboard. See the old love so brave play, do not know whether the Guangdong men’s basketball team executives will regret Liu Xiaoyu’s decision to give up? This is exactly the sentence – the one who loves me hurts me the most. Tonight Liu Xiaoyu let the struggling old club added new scars. (legend)相关的主题文章: